Coliseum magazine

Coliseum magazine

Coliseum is proud to announce the complete re-design of its flagship magazine, The Coliseum – sports venues of the world. The quarterly publication will hit the shelves on the following dates this year: February 15, 2016; May 16, 2016; September 12, 2016; and December 5, 2016.

Launched in 2010, the niche magazine takes you through the enchanting world of sports venues through the labyrinthine process of design, delivery, operations and legacy of stadia and arenas. The Coliseum is a living b2b presentation of people and ideas in the international sports business and venue industries. It brings to the fore the key figures and personalities of the industries, together with their projects, and asks some of their key questions.

The new design has brought about a revamped page structure to The Coliseum, which is more in sync now with our Coliseum Summits and features segments on: Venue TECHNOLOGY, Venue OPERATIONS, Venue SECURITY, GREEN Venue, Venue VIP, Venue EXPERIENCE, Venue DESIGN, Venue CONSTRUCTION, Venue BUSINESS, DESTINATION Venue and Venue EDUCATION.

Coliseum Venue Technology
Coliseum Venue Operations
Coliseum Venue Security
Coliseum Green Venue
Coliseum Venue VIP
Coliseum Venue Eperience
Coliseum Venue Design
Coliseum Venue Construction
Coliseum Venue Business
Coliseum Destination Venue
Coliseum Venue Education
BRAND Development

The media kit for the print edition will be available online soon.

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