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July 19-23, 2021


Othon Díaz - Executive VP, Diablos Rojos, Mexico

Othon Díaz

Othon Díaz is the Executive Vice-President of Diablos Rojos, a professional baseball team in the Mexican League based in Mexico City, Mexico. He is in this role since the year 2016. Díaz has held several key positions in his career span till date – President of Mexican Canoeing Federation A.C. from 2017 to 2019, Vice-Minister of National Sports Commission of Mexico from 2013 to 2015, Marketing Director, National Sports Commission of Mexico in the year 2000, and was in various other leading positions.

He also holds various honorary positions like Member of the Sports Advisory Council of Mexico City, Permanent Member of the Mexican Olympic Committee, etc.

A totally focused person, his professional goals include developing and maximizing the experience and product value of sports brands and events, providing enhanced experience to fans, business partners, sponsors, and the respective stakeholders while managing administrative and sports processes under the highest quality standards based on values and principles, to achieve efficiency in the use of material and economic resources, as well as in facilities and in the human factor.

Díaz holds several Post-Degree Diplomas in Sports Management from reputed universities and is also armed with Post-Degree Diploma in Olympic Sports Organizations Management conferred on him by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He also holds a PhD degree in Senior Management from the Estado de México Postgraduate Center.

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