Coliseum Online Week MENA
February 10-11, 2021


Conference program

  • Conference stream: Venue DESTINATION

    Zoom, 9-10am GST (Abu Dhabi)

    Sports sell places. How do you ensure that the spectators come to the venue earlier, stay longer, have more fun and in the process help generate more revenue? Many stadiums nowadays are conceptualized as destinations – for visitors and the neighborhood, the so called community stadiums. These stadiums will have to respond to local needs else they will never make profit. Stadiums are more than just a place to watch the game. Involving theme parks is bound to add value to the best practices and experiences for destination creation.

  • 9am GST

    Populous Consulting putting design-led business planning at the heart of venues

    Coliseum Summit Speaker visual 2021 - Populous ConsultingImage: MJR Group Ltd./Coliseum

    Populous Consulting has emerged from an ambition to re-evaluate traditional models of venue business planning, which are often disconnected from the design of the actual venues and inevitably result in unrealized business opportunities.

    Diarmuid Crowley will explain in this online summit how by putting design at the heart of the business planning process, Populous Consulting helps create venues that are specifically tailored to maximize spectator experience and revenue generation, while minimizing capital and operational costs. Such early stage involvement will enable clients to tap into the latent potential of underutilized spaces in venues such as stadiums, arenas, convention and exhibition centers or retail centers, to create new experiences and enhance brand activation, sponsorship and naming rights opportunities.

    Crowley will further point out how he has led the commercialization of some of the world’s most iconic venues including The O2 (London), the Maracanã (Brazil) and Wembley Stadium (England), generating over $1 billion in commercial revenues. He will present this new addition to the Populous service offering and explain how this unique combination of design-led business planning and world class design is transforming sports and entertainment venue development.

    Diarmuid Crowley bio Head of EMEA, Populous Consulting, UK

  • 9:15am GST

    Kai Tak Sports Park ‘Destination Next’

    Kai Tak Sports Park speaker visual 2021 Image: Kai Tak Sports Park

    Kai Tak Sports Park is a multipurpose sports venue that is being built at the site of the former Kai Tak Airport in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The sports park will be located on the Northwestern part of the old Kai Tak Airport, where earlier some of the parking stands used to sit.

    Darren Burden will inform the august audience in this online conference as regards the park which is expected to be completed in late 2023. Kai Tak Sports Park will be a destination to discover and experience the very best in sport, leisure and entertainment in the heart of Hong Kong.

    He will also point out that with construction having commenced in early 2019, operational planning for opening the precinct is now well underway. This presentation will provide an introduction to Kai Tak Sports Park, as well as some insight into the precinct as a destination.

    Darren Burden bio Executive Director, Kai Tak Sports Park, Hong Kong

  • 9:45am GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue DESIGN

    Zoom, 10-11am GST (Abu Dhabi)

    This segment of the conference streams is about the most exciting and innovative newly planned stadiums and arena projects of the future – in one phrase, the next generation of venues. Listen about the newest trends in stadium design. How a stadium is no longer an isolated project but deeply integrated with multi-use urban development models to include hotels, conference centres, retail outlets and entertainment zones. Also, learn about the huge demand on training centers. Overlay, afterall, is a huge part of the buzzword legacy in major event planning.

  • 10am GST

    Etihad Arena set to boost UAE glitz quotient

    Etihad Arena - topic visual 2021 Image: Etihad Arena

    Etihad Arena is the UAE’s landmark of entertainment. Set on the stunning waterfront of Yas Bay, the venue is owned by Miral Asset Management and operated by Flash Entertainment, benefiting from the combined knowledge of two of the Middle East’s most experienced curators of entertainment and destinations.

    Proudly positioned on Yas Island, the Middle East’s premier leisure and entertainment destination, Etihad Arena will enhance Abu Dhabi’s position as a global entertainment hub, and with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, as the proud naming rights partner, the Arena is destined for success.

    Following the venue’s hugely successful launch events that welcomed fans to experience the thrill of UFC’s Triple Header Week at Fight Island, Brint Jackson, General Manager, gives the Coliseum audience an exclusive glimpse of the phenomenal effort that went into launching a new landmark of entertainment during unprecedented times.

    Brint Jackson bio General Manager, Etihad Arena, UAE

  • 10:15 GST

    Al Ahly SC carving a niche on sports facilities projects

    Al Ahly SC - topic visual 2021 Image: Al Ahly SC

    Al Ahly Sporting Club, commonly referred to as Al Ahly, is an Egyptian professional sports club based in Cairo. It is best known for its professional football team that plays in the Egyptian Premier League, the top tier in the Egyptian football league system, and is the most decorated football club in the world.

    In this virtual conclave, Mohamed Serageldin, Board Member of Al Ahly SC, Egypt, and Teaching Assistant at the American University in Cairo who has specialized in the stadiums industry as per his Masters studies, will provide a brief background about Al Ahly Sporting Club, current sports facilities projects and upcoming future projects including the new stadium in Cairo - Al Ahly Stadium.

    He will also provide a conceptual brief on the Al Ahly WE Al Salam Stadium which had undergone renovations and Al Ahly SC’s vision towards the execution of their new stadium project in regards to construction, business model and funding methods.

    Mohamed Serageldin bio Board Member, Al Ahly SC, Egypt

  • 10:30 GST

    Pfeifer Structures role in Qatar FIFA showpiece venues

    Pfeifer - topic visual 2021 Image: Pfeifer Structures

    Be it in sports stadia, airports, exhibition centers, wide span structures or bridges, and wherever a symbiosis of weight-minimized support structures and high-performance envelope structures creates innovative architecture, Memmingen (Germany)-headquartered Pfeifer Structures is involved.

    Jassen Mihaylov and Ingo Klein will speak at length on how Pfeifer Structures is involved in the construction of the Al Thumama Stadium at Doha in Qatar - the structure and the outer shell of the under-construction football stadium being readied for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. They will also speak about the role Pfeifer Structures played in constructing the retractable roof of Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar which will also be one of the venues for the FIFA showpiece.

    The duo will further throw light on the materials which goes into building facades and roofs and the various fields of application - light or transparent, shading or solar radiation.

    Ingo Klein bio BD MENA, Pfeifer, Germany

    Jassen Mihaylov bio Head of Sales & Marketing, Pfeifer, Germany

  • 10:45am GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue CONSTRUCTION

    Zoom, 11:30-12:30pm GST (Abu Dhabi)

    This segment of the conference focuses on risks and challenges during the construction process. It deliberates on the procurement process and puts the contractors in the center stage. It also focuses on stadiums and arenas under renovation. If your stadium is not new anymore, what are the ways to extend its life for years to come? Different concepts and add-on’s in order to optimize the spaces within your venue are also discussed. We also deliberate on the myriad of other construction tools required for the stadium sector.

  • 11:30am GST

    New stadiums for Euro 2020

    CNI - topic visual Image: CNI

    This session will showcase the challenges faced in building new stadiums for Euro 2020 through case studies of three venues – Steaua (Ghencea), Rapid (Giulesti) and Arcul de Triumf. The presentation will focus on key challenges such as budget, implementation schedule and constraints through urban indicators besides also taking a close look at are specification, fan expectations, and safety and security conditions.

    Adrian Cefalan bio Investment Director, CNI, Romania

  • 11:45am GST

    Companeer GmbH test strategy to overcome events' ban

    Coliseum Summit MENA - topic  visual - Companeer Image: Anthony Delanoix & Unsplash

    Munich (Germany)-based Companeer is an interdisciplinary consultancy which supports arena operators to make their vision of a better venue come true.

    In this online congress, Thomas Albinger will speak how due to COVID-19 still causing menace in major parts of the world, events have been banned and how the sports venue sector is keeping fingers crossed on the ban to end at the earliest possible.

    Albinger will further explain how a test strategy could help to make this come true. Moreover, by a shift in perspective, the event industry could become independent from the general infection situation at the time of the event and could finally regain planning security.

    Thomas Albinger bio CEO, Companeer GmbH, Germany

  • 12pm GST

    360 Kuwait - a destination unto itself

    Coliseum Summit MENA - topic  visual - 360 project - Tamdeen Image: Tamdeen

    Tamdeen Group of Companies has grown into a driving force of development in the State of Kuwait and a dynamic regional powerhouse. Over the years, Tamdeen Group has delivered an extensive and diverse range of iconic real estate and mixed-use projects in Kuwait.

    Avijit Yadav will highlight in this conference as regards 360 Kuwait which is one among the leading destinations of Tamdeen Group and boasts an ATP approved tennis stadium and academy, the Grand Hyatt five-star hotel, a multipurpose arena, and new luxury retail opportunities and food and beverage (F&B) offers.

    Yadav will also explain how 360 Kuwait has transformed into the region’s first mixed-use, retail, sports and leisure destination. A world class leisure and shopping destination, its mix includes luxury brands, fine dining and unique entertainment concepts many of which have been introduced in Kuwait for the first time.

    Avijit Yadav bio CEO, Tamdeen Mall Management, Kuwait

  • 12:15pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue BUSINESS

    Zoom, 1-2pm GST (Abu Dhabi)

    Is your stadium able to turn each customer into a fan and make them come back again and again? Do you know your fan to begin with? Learn the right tools to elevate your service delivery. Are there ways to create the right content and while creating more event days in the process? Are you focused on ticket sales of the future: selling through Customer Relations Management (CRM) and social media? How about brand activation? And, how to find the fine balance between a perfect venue, capital expenditure and a lasting legacy? This and much more…

  • 1pm GST

    Coca-Cola Arena in the vanguard of venue-sponsorers’ ties

    Coca-Cola Arena - topic visual 2021 Image: Coca-Cola Arena

    Coca-Cola Arena is a multipurpose indoor arena located in the City Walk neighborhood of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The venue was opened on June 6th, 2019. On top of public ticketed events, the arena can also be hired for private events such as conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions, weddings, and gala dinners.

    In this hybrid colloquium, Guy Ngata will tell how “venue relationships with key commercial partners in these uncertain times are being challenged like never before. What steps as venue managers do we need to be taking to protect the long-term integrity of these relationships?”

    Guy Ngata bio CEO, Coca-Cola Arena, UAE

  • 1:15pm GST

    ‘Enhancing the fan experience inside and outside of the stadium’

    Musco Lighting - topic visual Image: Musco Lighting

    Eduardo Zamarripa will touch on the topic as to what can be done using the latest LED sports lighting technology to create light shows to enhance pre-game atmosphere and the fan experience within the stadium. He will also talk about introducing the ‘mini soccer pitch’ outside of the stadium, helping with fan activation on game day and also how these ‘mini pitches’ can be used to develop ties with communities.

    Eduardo Zamarripa Soccer Market Manager, Musco Lighting, US

  • 1:30pm GST

    King Saud University Stadium on the road to transformation

    JMTZ - topic visual Image: JMTZ

    Javier Martínez helps companies to convert clients into fans, and also helps clubs to convert fans into loyal clients.

    In this virtual conclave, Martínez will talk about the King Saud University Stadium (also known as Victory Arena) - built in 2011 - and which sits in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, which will undergo massive rehabilitation work that will turn it into an avant-garde venue which will be in a position to stage high-level sports and entertainment events.

    Martínez, who is a consultant for the Spanish company Molcaworld which excels in projects of integral revitalization of sports and corporate facilities, whether they are historical or newly created, has been selected to carry out the design of the brand and the spruce-up work of the venue, which requires a comprehensive overhaul.

    Javier Martínez bio Founder, JMTZ Sports & Entertainment, Spain

  • 1:45pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue TECHNOLOGY

    Zoom, 2:30-3:30pm GST (Abu Dhabi)

    It seems IT and venue technology is taking over the whole venue business. Technology will no doubt change the fan experience in stadiums and arenas forever. The general question is: How much technology can be implemented? How can a tech platform help organizations understand their fans’ behavior and spending? What kind of content the fans produce from within the venue? How venue technology platforms generate revenue for a compelling return on interest (ROI) model and justify the investment? Learn more…

  • 2:30pm GST

    UAE Pro League perspective on the game of football

    PLC - topic visual 2019 Image: UAE Pro League

    The UAE Pro League, known for sponsorship reasons as the Arabian Gulf League, is the top professional football league in the United Arab Emirates.

    In this virtual, Ammar Mohammad Hina will speak at length on how football is more than 22 players on vision. The football broadcast industry has changed a lot throughout the past decades, as the football industry doesn’t rely on the physical fans, fan zones, and countries only, but the final product that appears on TV plays a major role in making the game of football a major source of entertainment.

    He will also touch on how a big team is working behind the scenes to ensure that the television broadcast of football matchups are a smooth affair. With COVID-19 causing debacle to the world and also to the sports venue sector, TV production and coverage has also undergone a change in the way it functions.

    Ammar Hina bio Broadcast & TV Production Director, UAE Pro League

  • 2:45pm GST

    From a sports ground to a concert set-up within hours

    StadiaPitch - topic visual 2021 Image: StadiaPitch

    Matthias Mehling presents how after five years of grass research, pitch testing and product development, Bosch Rexroth prides itself on presenting StadiaPitch – the world’s first automated pitch changeover system that reduces the changeover time between sports and concerts from weeks to hours at the push of a button. He will also reveal how many challenges had to be overcome to reach the final product.

    Matthias Mehling bio Business Development Manager, Bosch Rexroth for StadiaPitch, Germany

  • 3pm GST

    Yas Marina Circuit in the fast lane

    Yas Marina Circuit - North view Image: Yas Marina Circuit

    The Yas Marina Circuit is the venue for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and is situated on Yas Island, about 30 minutes from the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. Yas Marina is the second Formula One track in the Middle East, with the first being in Bahrain.

    In this hybrid conclave, Brendan McGlinchey will take pride in informing how world-class motorsport action returned to the UAE when Yas Marina Circuit hosted the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020 on December 13th and how the venue was able to pull off the event with great success even amid the coronavirus scourge albeit sans spectators.

    He will further point out how Yas Marina Circuit was transformed into an ‘F1 biosphere’, creating one of the largest ‘safe zones’ in the region with access restricted to essential F1 staff, drivers and teams. The other upcoming events to be held in the motorsports hub are ‘Gulf 12 Hours’, Yas Racing Series, ‘Yas Super Street Challenge’ and ‘Emirates Drift Championship’.

    Brendan McGlinchey bio Executive Director, Operations, Yas Marina Circuit, UAE

  • 3:15pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue EDUCATION & GREEN Venue

    Zoom, 4-5pm GST (Abu Dhabi)


    Associations for venue managers and educational programs for venue staff are growing like sand grains on the beach. Academies are being founded every month – of course, education is big business. But which program is the right one, which one is reliable and useful on the daily basis of stadium and arena employees? This segment is perfect for those in the stadium business who want to reap the benefits of the latest knowledge, through a constant learning program. Education and training, after all, is the key to maintain an edge.

  • 4pm GST

    Kinsey Sears helping sport leadership to steer forward

    Coliseum Summit Speaker visual 2021 - Kinsey Sears Image: Kinsey Sears

    Kinsey Sears excels in leadership roles and executive search within the sports industry internationally. This knowledge, insight and experience of leading major sports organizations are unique in the sports recruitment sector and Kinsey Sears’s industry expertise sets them apart.

    In this online summit, Tom Sears will deliberate at length on whether you are a current leader in the sports and venue sector or an aspiring one, developing yourself and your career in the industry has never been more important or more confusing. With the proliferation of providers hosting courses, development programs and content how do you navigate the most productive path?

    Sears will also provide an insight into what sports organizations are looking for in their leaders in an ever changing world and will advise on how to ensure you develop the right approach and find the support that will help you progress.

    Tom Sears bio Managing Director, Kinsey Sears, UK

  • GREEN Venue

    Green initiatives are no longer the provinces of hippies and tree-huggers. Going green is a staple of the sports and entertainment venues industry and it can be profitable too. This is the segment that evaluates costs; attempts to understand from a community relations perspective; and articulate a green initiatives policy. How innovative green technology is changing the way we look at our stadiums and sports arenas; and transforming them into a model of sustainable projects. Going green is not just an option in the stadium business, it is the way forward.

  • 4:15pm GST

    SHEERFILL® Architectural Membranes ensures flawless stadium skin

    Topic visual 2021 - SHEERFILL® Image: Allianz Field

    US-based SHEERFILL® Architectural Membranes have enabled the imagination and creation of the most stunning and energy-efficient sport facilities, transportation terminals and landmark buildings for more than forty years!

    In this online session, Michael Lussier will discuss how there will always need to be a “first” to use a new product or service. Making that decision to be the first can be a leap of faith. That leap is much less risky when there is confidence in the safety net provided by a team of experts.

    When the ownership of Minnesota United FC (the American professional soccer club based in Saint Paul) set out to build their new Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium, they wanted to create something unique - from both the inside and outside. The weather of Saint Paul can be challenging at times, so protecting the fans with a weatherproof façade was important. Ownership also wanted to create an iconic stadium, with a flowing skin to reflect the beauty of the region and its lakes, while allowing fans to connect to the outside world through the transparent skin. So, the decision was taken to use a new SHEERFILL material.

    To ensure a successful project, a team effort was required. Lussier will discuss how several companies worked together to provide the knowledge, expertise and confidence required to realize ownership’s vision.

    Michael Lussier bio Global Market Leader, SHEERFILL® Architectural Membranes, US

  • 4:45pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue OPERATIONS

    Zoom, 10-11am GST (Abu Dhabi)

    Venues require large capital investments and are expected to produce a substantial return on investment (ROI). In addition to the initial investment, operating stadiums and arenas require year-round capital expenditure. The venues have to be maintained in the best possible way, at the lowest cost, while still maintaining aesthetic appeal and profitability. How does a successful asset management plan work in such a scenario? Does a venue need ISO or LEED certifications? How to solve the parking headaches? Customized facilities management may offer the right answers.

  • 10am GST

    ADO Den Haag succour to COVID-struck

    ADO Den Haag - topic visual 2021 Image: ADO Den Haag

    ADO Den Haag is a Dutch association football club from the City of The Hague (Netherlands). The club was for a time known as FC Den Haag, with ADO representing the amateur branch of the club. ADO Den Haag’s home ground is Cars Jeans Stadion.

    In this hybrid session, Mohammed Hamdi will speak on how to generate revenue in a COVID-19 world and how by adopting ingenious methods one can utilize the stadium to keep the financial wheels running during this pandemic situation.

    Hamdi will also inform how the Cars Jeans Stadion is providing shelter to the homeless in a coronavirus-struck environment and now the car park of the facility is being used as the first COVID-19 vaccination location in the Haaglanden region.

    Mohammed Hamdi bio CEO, ADO Den Haag, Netherlands

  • 10:15am GST

    Legia Warsaw – striving for excellence in domestic and international operations

    Legia Warsaw - topic visual Image: Legia Warsaw

    Legia Warsaw is the biggest Polish football and multi sports club. Stadium management, development of new training center, as well as latest trip to Dubai for training camp in January 2021 will serve as examples of presenting club’s operations capabilities. And that the Club is always #ReadyToHelp

    Tomasz Zahorski bio Board Member, Legia Warsaw, Poland

  • 10:45am GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue VIP

    Zoom, 11:30-12:30pm GST (Abu Dhabi)

    Does your stadium offer dog-friendly box seats? Does it have luxurious cabanas, swimming pools and night clubs catering to the needs of the discerning VIP clientele? VIPs are among the main patrons of a stadium, and therefore, the management needs to pay close attention to their basic comforts. Are stadiums geared to offer customized experience vis-à-vis seating and hospitality packages to different target groups? How do you create right products and offer right services for the right market and achieve the right results for the venue? Tune in…

  • 11:30am GST

    Forum by Nowy Styl in Qatar FIFA spectacle hot 'seat'

    Al Janoub Stadium - topic visual 2021 Image: Zaha Hadid & Hufton + Crow

    Forum by Nowy Styl has been providing seats and telescopic grandstands for large stadiums and sports halls, concert halls, cinemas, theaters and auditoriums for more than a dozen years now.

    In this virtual assembly, Jakub Rachfalik will explain in details how the organizer of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar has decided that the Forum by Nowy Styl chairs, belonging to the Nowy Styl Group, will fill the next three stadiums built for the football extravaganza: Ras Abu Aboud Stadium (40,000 seats), Lusail Stadium (80,000 seats) and Education City Stadium (40,000 seats). The chairs have been manufactured by the Nowy Styl Group’s Qatar partner - Coastal Qatar - keeping in loop Forum by Nowy Styl.

    Rachfalik will also inform the online audience about how Coastal Qatar was picked up by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) which has been tasked with delivering the proposed tournament venues and host country planning and operations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ - the first to be held in the Arab world. Several other stadia in Qatar will also feature seats licensed by Forum by Nowy Styl for the FIFA soccer showpiece.

    Jakub Rachfalik bio MD, Forum by Nowy Styl, Poland

  • 11:45am GST

    Effective packaging of events to boost sales

    Fenerbahçe Istanbul - topic visual 2021 Image: Fenerbahçe Istanbul

    One of the time-tested ways of increasing sales is to create new and attractive packages keeping in mind the target audience. This session will throw light on the advantages and disadvantages of packaging events. It will also deliberate on the challenges, while offering solutions with an eye to create a win-win situation for both your fans and your company.

    Egemen Ergüden bio Head of Ticketing & VIP Sales, Fenerbahçe Istanbul, Turkey

  • 12:15pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue SECURITY, HEALTH & SAFETY

    Zoom, 1-2pm GST (Abu Dhabi)

    At a time of heightened risks, security of venues and the safety of fans have become paramount. Sports venues are targets of opportunity. Here, we discuss the steps to protect venues from the new bad guys. How to react in case of a bomb threat for instance? We also attempt to differentiate between safety (crowd management) and security (crowd control). How can modern IT support safety and security? Is your training sufficient? Does it train staff on today’s threats and not those of yesterdays?

    COVID-19 has also thrown up the biggest challenge to the sports venue sector. Sooner or later, fans will come back into stadiums but will be apprehensive about the novel coronavirus till a vaccine is found. In this segment, we will discuss how social distancing norms will have to be strictly imposed in stadia, and how entry/exit protocols in and out of the venue should be touchless and in the form of biometrics. How will futuristic technology facilitate contactless service?

    We will also deliberate how enhanced sanitation and safety will have to be priorities in venues and how sports and entertainment venues should adopt mobile ordering and order-ahead capabilities for foodservices with designated pickup times. In a COVID-19 world, crowding around a food or drink counters is no longer acceptable and a scenario could arrive when food will be given in packets to spectators keeping in mind the health factor of both players and supporters.

  • 1pm GST

    Spectators’ safety prime for PSV Eindhoven

    PSV Eindhoven - speaker visual 2021 Image: PSV Eindhoven

    The Philips Sport Vereniging, abbreviated as PSV and internationally known as PSV Eindhoven, is a sports club from Eindhoven, Netherlands, that plays in the Eredivisie, the top tier in Dutch football. Their home ground is the 35,000-capacity Philips Stadium.

    In this online session, Marc van de Laar will highlight how for PSV Eindhoven the safety and security of spectators and staff is of paramount importance and how the ‘security, health and safety’ quotients of a venue has gained even more significance in a COVID-struck planet.

    He will go on to explain how “in order to create a secure event, we have to focus on prevention regarding all possible threats. This means that we can achieve this only if all responsible parties work in close collaboration with an integral approach in preparation, operation and evaluation!”

    Marc van de Laar bio Safety & Security Officer, PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands

  • 1:15pm GST

    How COVID accelerated innovation at the Johan Cruijff ArenA

    Coliseum Summit Speaker visual 2021 - Johan Cruijff ArenA Image: Johan Cruijff ArenA (YouTube)

    The Johan Cruijff ArenA, formerly known as the Amsterdam ArenA, is the home base of the Dutch football team Ajax and frequently hosts several matches by the Dutch national team, too.

    In this online session, Sander van Stiphout will give details about the pioneering COVID project of Johan Cruijff ArenA. The venue’s “groundbreaking” scientific research project is based on how sports venues and other buildings can become safely accessible during COVID-19.

    Stiphout will also point out how scientists, employees of the Johan Cruijff Arena and representatives of the national sports center Papendal in Netherlands are joining forces to gain new insights into how aerosols (saliva particles) spread within sports venues.

    Sander van Stiphout bio Director International, Johan Cruijff ArenA, Netherlands

  • 1:45pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue EXPERIENCE

    Zoom, 2:30-3:30pm GST (Abu Dhabi)

    How do we define fan experience? Is it just about ordering a beer with a click on a smartphone or the thrill of betting on your favorite teams? What are the strategies of stadiums/arenas that cater to the needs of fans and add values to their experiences? Do we have tools or techniques to measure fan experience? What about the right prices? Do venue apps really deliver valuable content? Are loyalty programs of venues any better or worse than the ones run by airlines and rent-a-car firms? Find the answers to all these questions, and much more…

  • 2:30pm GST

    UAE Pro League’s initiative on matchday experience post-COVID-19

    Coliseum Summit Speaker visual 2021 - Match day experience Image: UAE Pro League

    The UAE Pro League, known for sponsorship reasons as the Arabian Gulf League, is the top professional football league in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    In this hybrid conference, Malek Doughan will reflect on how countries are preparing to implement new norms for social interaction and mass gatherings in a COVID-19 environment and how in such a scenario can the football industry reshape its offering to cater to the needs of its football enthusiasts while taking into consideration how to attract new ones.

    Doughan will also try to highlight in this virtual session the initiatives that UAE Pro League initiated to shift the attention of the fans away from the pandemic and send out positive messages in such critical times and what is the preparation for the new normal once fans are allowed back to the stadia fold.

    Malek Doughan bio Marketing & Commercials Affairs Director, UAE Pro League

  • 2:45pm GST

    Stade Général Lansana Conté set to become avant-garde

    Stade Général Lansana Conté - topic visual Image: Stade Général Lansana Conté

    Stade Général Lansana Conté is a new multiuse stadium in Conakry, Guinea, that is used mostly for football and athletics competitions. It was completed in 2011 and hosts few matches for the Guinea national football team.

    In this online assembly, Pierre-Antoine Guillet will point out that in Guinea, though football is the dominant sport, but there is hardly any infrastructure for the same. Against such a backdrop, the Stade Général Lansana Conté is looking at the best venues across the globe in order to offer fans an enriching experience on gamedays.

    Guillet will further explain to the online audience how plans are being made to make the stadium a multifunctional one so that the community on which the venue sits can get access to a diverse range of activities. He will also give a background of the stadium which is the only Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode venue in Africa. The venue is trying to adopt the online model as far as ticketing is concerned and it will also boast added attractions in the future in the form of swimming pools, restaurants, and will also serve as a wedding venue as well as hold conferences apart from holding football fixtures.

    Pierre-Antoine Guillet bio Director of Commercial Development & Communication, Stade Général Lansana Conté, Guinea

  • 3pm GST

    Innovative Techno Plus’s futuristic lawn maintenance techniques

    Coliseum Summit Speaker visual 2021 - ITP GmbH Image: ITP GmbH

    Innovative Techno Plus deals in machinery and plant engineering, planning for the production of power generation plants, lawn lighting and systems to support lawn growth in sports facilities, including electrical planning and automation.

    In this online summit, Carsten Wenske will speak about how lawn maintenance in stadiums and arenas has been accorded top priority by the firm in order to ensure playability at a high level.

    Wenske will further elaborate on how the system developed by the firm enables fully automatic control of the entire growth-promoting processes, so exposure, irrigation and fertilization of the lawn area are combined in one system. This means enormous savings in terms of personnel and technical effort for the stadium operator.

    Carsten Wenske GM, Innovative Techno Plus, Germany

  • 3:15pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: AUDIOVISUAL Solutions & BRAND Development

    Zoom, 4-5pm GST (Abu Dhabi)

    AUDIOVISUAL Solutions

    No longer is it enough for fans to come to a stadium, sit in a seat and watch a game or other event. Venues face competition from fans’ own homes, where they have high-definition TVs and easy access to snacks, beverages and other amenities. To get fans in the door, sports teams and venues must offer much more than a game; they need to deliver a compelling experience. New audiovisual (AV) technologies are the foundation of modern fan engagement.

    A wide range of AV solutions is essential to these efforts. Stadiums and arenas are employing massive video boards as the centerpiece of many venues, giving fans a central place to focus their attention when it’s not on the action. Video walls, ribbons and individual displays,advanced audio systems, mobile applications — even next-generation technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality — are coming into play. The use cases for these technologies vary just as widely. In addition to providing in-house entertainment for fans, they are used for wayfinding, advertising, digital menus, fan information, even security.

  • 4pm GST

    Esports venue project planning for public and private sectors

    The Bendix Theater in South Bend, Indiana, US Image: Esports Insider

    Esports (also known as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a form of sport competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

    Working with both public and private entities, Esports Entry Advisory builds road maps to navigate the complex esports ecosystem, and maximize clients’ return on esports investment.

    EEA principals Angela Bernhard Thomas and Tyler Othen will share in this hybrid session the methodologies and recent case studies of esports planning projects in the United States.

    Angela Bernhard Thomas bio Founder & CEO, A-Game Esports, US

    Tyler Othen bio Project Manager, CSL International, US

  • BRAND Development

    Over the years, branding has become one of the core strategies of any business. It plays a pivotal role in marketing and business development. In the field of stadium business, it isn’t the stadium alone that needs brand development. In fact, much of the branding strategy involves the sports clubs that the stadiums represent. As clubs go about increasingly looking for international investors, the focus on brand visibility seems to have gained prominence.

    Most clubs these days employ a strong squad of international business development professionals in a bid to come up with innovative and unique branding solutions. After all, branding could be the key difference between striking a deal or losing one. Ultimately, the stadium business sector becomes the true beneficiary of such branding exercise. The new funding and revenues generated by brand development is eventually ploughed back into building training grounds and new stadiums.

  • 4:45pm GST

    Q&A from the online audience

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