Coliseum Summit MENA
Coca-Cola Arena Dubai, UAE
January 26, 2022

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Conference program

  • 4 - 6 pm

    Opening venue tour: Behind the scenes of Coca-Cola Arena Dubai

    Registrations on first-come, first-served basis. The stadium tour is free for Coliseum badge holders but requires sign-up due to limited available tickets.

    Free tickets are available for ‘Behind the scenes of Coca-Cola Arena Dubai Tour’. Please register now!

    Coca-Cola Arena Dubai - MENA tour 2021Image: AETOSWire
  • 8 am

    Registrations open: Pick up your delegate badge from the registration desk

  • 8 – 9 am

    Morning coffee & networking snacks

  • 9 am

    Welcome to Coliseum Summit MENA

    Image: MJR Group Ltd./Coliseum

    Introduction of Coliseum’s chair & master of ceremony

    Michael Rennschmied, MA bio Founder, Coliseum, GSVA, Dubai, UAE

  • 9:15 am

    Conference stream: Venue DESIGN

    This segment of the conference streams is about the most exciting and innovative newly planned stadiums and arena projects of the future – in one phrase, the next generation of venues. Listen about the newest trends in stadium design. How a stadium is no longer an isolated project but deeply integrated with multiuse urban development models to include hotels, conference centers, retail outlets and entertainment zones. Also, learn about the huge demand on training centers. Overlay, afterall, is a huge part of the buzzword legacy in major event planning.

  • 9:45 am

    Conference stream: Venue CONSTRUCTION

    This segment of the conference focuses on risks and challenges during the construction process. It deliberates on the procurement process and puts the contractors in the center stage. It also focuses on stadiums and arenas under renovation. If your stadium is not new anymore, what are the ways to extend its life for years to come? Different concepts and add-ons in order to optimize the spaces within your venue are also discussed. We also deliberate on the myriad of other construction tools required for the stadium sector.


    Pro League Committee - topic visual Image: UAE Pro League

    Waleed Ibrahim Al Hosani bio CEO, UAE Pro League

  • 10:15 am

    Conference stream: Venue BUSINESS

    Is your stadium able to turn each customer into a fan and make them come back again and again? Do you know your fan to begin with? Learn the right tools to elevate your service delivery. Are there ways to create the right content and while doing so creating more event days in the process? Are you focused on ticket sales of the future: Selling through Customer Relations Management (CRM) and social media? How about brand activation? And, how to draw a fine balance among perfect venue, capital expenditure and lasting legacy? This and much more…


    Mark Jan Kar General Manager, Coca-Cola Arena, UAE

  • 10:30 am


    Thomas Albinger bio Managing Director, Companeer GmbH, Germany

  • 10:45 - 11:30 am

    Coffee break & networking

  • 11:30 am

    Conference stream: Venue TECHNOLOGY

    It seems IT and venue technology is taking over the whole venue business. Technology will no doubt change the fan experience in stadiums and arenas forever. The general question is: How much technology can be implemented? How can a tech platform help organizations understand their fans’ behavior and spending? What kind of content the fans produce from within the venue? How venue technology platforms generate revenue for a compelling return on interest (ROI) model and justify the investment? Learn more…


    Musco Lighting

  • 12 pm

    Conference stream: GREEN Venue

    Green initiatives are no longer the provinces of hippies and tree-huggers. Going green is a staple of the sports and entertainment venue industry and it can be profitable too. This is the segment that evaluates costs; attempts to understand from a community relations perspective; and articulate a green initiatives policy. How innovative green technology is changing the way we look at our stadiums and sports arenas; and transforming them into a model of sustainable projects. Going green is not just an option in the stadium business, it is the way forward.

  • 12:30 pm

    Conference stream: Venue OPERATIONS

    Venues require large capital investments and are expected to produce a substantial return on investment (ROI). In addition to the initial investment, operating stadiums and arenas require year-round capital expenditure. The venues have to be maintained in the best possible way, at the lowest cost, while still keeping up the aesthetic appeal and profitability. How does a successful asset management plan work in such a scenario? Does a venue need ISO or LEED certifications? How to solve the parking headaches? Customized facilities management may offer the right answers.


    Iain Campbell EVP Middle East, ASM Global, UAE

  • 12:45 pm

    Iventis makes event management a cakewalk

    Iventis - topic visualImage: Iventis

    Created for the global events industry, software company Iventis facilitates collaborative working. Its dynamic platform harnesses the power of layering complex Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Geographic Information System (GIS), and other data, bringing them together in one format.

    Using the Iventis Platform to plan a major event - Joe Cusdin will walk the online audience through how to bring one’s event or venue to life with 3D models, digital mapping and high resolution imagery in one easy-to-use platform.

    Joe Cusdin bio CEO & Founder, Iventis, UK

  • 1 - 2:15 pm

    Lunch break & networking

    (Open to everyone with a Coliseum badge; in our dedicated main networking area)

    Network and collaborate with the stadium business experts and enjoy great food!

  • 2:15 pm

    Conference stream: HOST CITY Venues

    How should the perfect host city- and the venues within it, prepare for a major sporting event? If a host city’s venues are important, equally important are its planning services, transport logistics, safety and security protocols, city wide activation and the multiplicity of considerations which form the crux of pulling off a successful event. Event organizers/rights holders like FIFA, UEFA, International Olympic Committee, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, Asian Games etc., are hosting mega multi-sport events on multi-year cycles, and every sport runs its World Cups and annual National Championships. Rather than creating event venues, sustainability directives dictate adaptation and creativity- what are the trends?


    Dr. Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen bio GM, ASM Global, Bahrain

  • 2:45 pm

    Conference stream: Venue VIP

    Does your stadium offer dog-friendly box seats? Does it have luxurious cabanas, swimming pools and night clubs catering to the needs of the discerning VIP clientele? VIPs are among the main patrons of a stadium, and therefore, the management needs to pay close attention to their basic comforts. Are stadiums geared up to offer customized experience vis-à-vis seating and hospitality packages to different target groups? How do you create right products and offer right services for the right market and achieve the right results for the venue? Tune in…

  • 3:15 pm

    Conference stream: Venue SECURITY, HEALTH & SAFETY

    At a time of heightened risks, security of venues and the safety of fans have become paramount. Sports venues are targets of opportunity. Here, we discuss the steps to protect venues from the new bad guys. How to react in case of a bomb threat for instance? We also attempt to differentiate between safety (crowd management) and security (crowd control). How can modern IT support safety and security? Is your training sufficient? Does it train staff on today’s threats and not those of yesterdays?

    COVID-19 has also thrown up the biggest challenge to the sports venue sector. Sooner or later, fans will come back into stadiums but will be apprehensive about the novel coronavirus till a vaccine is found. In this segment, we will discuss how social distancing norms will have to be strictly imposed in stadia, and how entry/exit protocols in and out of the venue should be touchless and in the form of biometrics. How will futuristic technology facilitate contactless service?

    We will also deliberate how enhanced sanitation and safety will have to be priorities in venues and how sports and entertainment venues should adopt mobile ordering and order-ahead capabilities for foodservices with designated pickup times. In a COVID-19 world, crowding around a food or drink counters is no longer acceptable and a scenario could arrive when food will be given in packets to spectators keeping in mind the health factor of both players and supporters.

  • Etihad Arena set to boost UAE glitz quotient

    Etihad Arena - topic visual 2021 Image: Etihad Arena

    Etihad Arena is the UAE’s landmark of entertainment. Set on the stunning waterfront of Yas Bay, the venue is owned by Miral Asset Management and operated by Flash Entertainment, benefiting from the combined knowledge of two of the Middle East’s most experienced curators of entertainment and destinations.

    Proudly positioned on Yas Island, the Middle East’s premier leisure and entertainment destination, Etihad Arena will enhance Abu Dhabi’s position as a global entertainment hub, and with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, as the proud naming rights partner, the Arena is destined for success.

    Following the venue’s hugely successful launch events that welcomed fans to experience the thrill of UFC’s Triple Header Week at Fight Island, Brint Jackson, General Manager, gives the Coliseum audience an exclusive glimpse of the phenomenal effort that went into launching a new landmark of entertainment during unprecedented times.

    Brint Jackson bio General Manager, Etihad Arena, UAE

  • 3:30 pm



  • 3:45 - 4:15 pm

    Coffee break & networking

  • 4:15 pm

    Conference stream: Venue EXPERIENCE

    How do we define fan experience? Is it just about ordering a beer with a click on a smartphone or the thrill of betting on your favorite teams? What are the strategies of stadiums/arenas that cater to the needs of fans and add values to their experiences? Do we have tools or techniques to measure fan experience? What about the right prices? Do venue apps really deliver valuable content? Are loyalty programs of venues any better or worse than the ones run by airlines and rent-a-car firms? Find the answers to all these questions, and much more…


    United City FC - topic visual 2022 Image: United City FC

    Eric M. Gottschalk bio President & CEO, United City FC, Philippines

  • 4:45 pm

    Conference stream: AUDIOVISUAL Solutions & BRAND Development

    AUDIOVISUAL Solutions

    No longer is it enough for fans to come to a stadium, sit in a seat and watch a game or other event. Venues face competition from fans’ own homes, where they have high-definition TVs and easy access to snacks, beverages and other amenities. To get fans on the door, sports teams and venues must offer much more than a game; they need to deliver a compelling experience. New audiovisual (AV) technologies are the foundation of modern fan engagement.

    A wide range of AV solutions is essential to these efforts. Stadiums and arenas are employing massive video boards as the centerpiece of many venues, giving fans a central place to focus their attention when it’s not on the action. Video walls, ribbons and individual displays,advanced audio systems, mobile applications — even next-generation technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) — are coming into play. The use cases for these technologies vary just as widely. In addition to providing in-house entertainment for fans, they are used for wayfinding, advertising, digital menus, fan information, even security.

  • 5 pm

    BRAND Development

    Over the years, branding has become one of the core strategies of any business. It plays a pivotal role in marketing and business development. In the field of stadium business, it isn’t the stadium alone that needs brand development. In fact, much of the branding strategy involves the sports clubs that the stadiums represent. As clubs go about increasingly looking for international investors, the focus on brand visibility seems to have gained prominence.

    Most clubs these days employ a strong squad of international business development professionals in a bid to come up with innovative and unique branding solutions. After all, branding could be the key difference between striking a deal or losing one. Ultimately, the stadium business sector becomes the true beneficiary of such branding exercise. The new funding and revenues generated by brand development is eventually ploughed back into building training grounds and new stadiums.

  • 5:15 pm

    Conference stream: Venue DESTINATION

    Sports sell places. How do you ensure that the spectators come to the venue earlier, stay longer, have more fun and in the process help generate more revenue? Many stadiums nowadays are conceptualized as destinations – for visitors and the neighborhood, the so called community stadiums. These stadiums will have to respond to local needs else they will never make profit. Stadiums are more than just a place to watch the game. Involving theme parks is bound to add value to the best practices and experiences for destination creation.


    Joachim Schares bio Managing Director, AS+P, Germany

  • 5:30 pm


    Tim Brouw Senior Project Manager, Sports Facilities, Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia

  • 5:45 pm

    360 Kuwait - a destination unto itself

    Coliseum Summit MENA - topic  visual - 360 project - TamdeenImage: Tamdeen

    Tamdeen Group of Companies has grown into a driving force of development in the State of Kuwait and a dynamic regional powerhouse. Over the years, Tamdeen Group has delivered an extensive and diverse range of iconic real estate and mixed-use projects in Kuwait.

    Avijit Yadav will highlight in this conference as regards 360 Kuwait which is one among the leading destinations of Tamdeen Group and boasts an ATP approved tennis stadium and academy, the Grand Hyatt five-star hotel, a multipurpose arena, and new luxury retail opportunities and food and beverage (F&B) offers.

    Yadav will also explain how 360 Kuwait has transformed into the region’s first mixed-use, retail, sports and leisure destination. A world class leisure and shopping destination, its mix includes luxury brands, fine dining and unique entertainment concepts many of which have been introduced in Kuwait for the first time.

    Avijit Yadav bio CEO, Tamdeen Mall Management, Kuwait

  • 6 pm

    End of conference day

  • 6 - 9 pm

    International networking reception

    Be our guest at the networking evening on the opening day of the summit. Your delegate pass will give you open access to the gathering from 6 pm to 9 pm, where you can enjoy drinks and network with other fellow delegates.

  • 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

    Closing venue tour (TBC)

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