Coliseum Summit MENA
Coca-Cola Arena Dubai, UAE
January 26, 2022

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ProVisit UK

Have the freedom to effectively manage your guests for any event!

ProVisit has been used to ensure Health & Safety guidelines have been adhered to by ensuring every contractor has completed their mandatory pre-induction course(s), uploaded their relevant documents such as liability insurance, RAMS and qualifications. ProVisit will keep these records up to date and will issue reminders to both the host and contactor for any expiring/expired documents.

The system can also be used to control your site’s safety and security. The system integrates with a multipurpose smartphone app which can be used to validate your guests, sign in and also doubles up as a fire register.

With pre-printed custom accreditation designs and quick onsite issuance, ProVisit will ensure a fast, secure, reliable and professional looking sign-in process!

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