Coliseum Online Week US
August 30 - September 3, 2021




Launched in 2011, Appetize powers food, beverage, and retail transactions for the world’s highest-volume businesses through its fully cloud-based Point of Sale, digital ordering, and enterprise management platform. From contactless payments to mobile web and online ordering, Appetize offers the full spectrum of touch-free omnichannel solutions businesses seek to upgrade their current models and adapt to modern ordering and transactions.

Appetize proudly partners with many of the country’s most notable, high-volume businesses, including multi-unit restaurants, sports and entertainment venues, education campuses, theme parks, and travel and leisure companies. With its advanced, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform, including self-serve kiosks, POS terminals, handheld devices, digital ordering options, and enterprise management, Appetize helps businesses drive financial performance, improve the guest experience, and future-proof operations.

Led by an experienced, founder-led management team, Appetize is the first company to implement mobile ordering at stadiums and is currently the only company in North America offering modern enterprise-level POS and digital ordering on a native, cloud-based platform.

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