Why attend?

Why attend?


  • Meet your clients/buyers in one room
    No need to travel the whole world: they are there, at Coliseum Summit!
  • Network and share ideas during the summit and after at our networking reception
  • Top speakers & case studies; elite line-up of regional and international speakers
  • Our advisory board supports us to shape the best possible content individually for each region
  • Coliseum is a learning event, we are avoiding sales pitches
  • Take a tour and explore iconic sports venues
  • Explore innovative ideas, strategies and solutions to optimize the potential of your facilities
  • Learn about new technologies that can reduce operating costs and access new revenue streams
  • Keep yourself updated on the latest projects
  • Get to know about the strategies for fan engagement and fan experience
Fahad Fadol Al Yafei
Coliseum Summit Americas 2015
Coliseum Summit Americas 2015
Coliseum Summit Americas 2015

The Summit

Coliseum is a conference, a publication and an online-platform dedicated to design, delivery, operations and legacy of stadia and arenas globally.

The summits consist of exclusive presentations, case studies, interactive panel discussions, venue tours, a networking & exhibition area and an evening get together.

The events are dedicated to the various challenges and solutions; and the lessons which can be learnt relating to the sports venue sector around the world.

Coliseum is the only conference with a global presence in the key markets of the stadium and arena business: Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.

Coliseum believes in and encourages the idea of ‘one venue, one room’. The exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge under one roof between the experts and stakeholders create an opportunity of understanding of each others’ challenges, eventually leading to a better venue at the end. This is the reason why we do not have ‘break up’ sessions in our conferences.

We bring to the fore the key figures and personalities in the industries, together with their projects and ask key questions. We strongly believe people should always be challenged in looking across their own borders. This is the reason why we unite owners, stakeholders, investors, architects, consultants, contractors, operators, suppliers and fans under one roof – within the Coliseum Summit.

Coliseum Summits are structured in the following main sections: Venue TECHNOLOGY, Venue OPERATIONS, Venue SECURITY, GREEN Venue, Venue VIP, Venue EXPERIENCE, Venue DESIGN, Venue CONSTRUCTION, Venue BUSINESS, AUDIOVISUAL Solutions, BRAND Development, Venue DESTINATION and Venue EDUCATION.

Coliseum Summit MENA 2015
Coliseum Summit MENA 2015
Coliseum Summit MENA 2015
Coliseum Summit MENA 2015


Coliseum visits different countries on different continents. Each region requires an individual special tailored conference programme. But we strongly believe all the experts and stakeholders – from the first stadium design idea to the strategies of increasing revenue streams – should be united under one roof and discuss topics like:

  • What will be the real legacy of sports stadia/arenas?
  • How can the sport venue be integrated in the surrounding environment?
  • What is the current planning status of sports venues and bid plans?
  • Building standards and codes: real sense or buzzwords?
  • What is the right ticketing concept for the venue?
  • Should a venue/club create and maintain its own customer/fan database?
  • Should cities build expensive landmark stadia, more reasonable design and build venues or just modular stadia?
  • Renovate or build new?
  • How can revenue streams be increased and how can more events be held on non-match days?
  • What do the fans want? Current research results and trends.
  • How to finance a stadium?
  • How to upgrade the venue to a smart one (IT & AV)?
  • Are ‘green and sustainable’ stadia close to reality or fictions?
  • Information from the local, regional and international decision makers about their plans and concepts.
  • Information about the newest trends of building materials and technologies.
  • How a professional security concept can be effectively implemented?
  • Current outlook and preparations from the current host cities…

… and many more relevant and interesting topics.

5th Coliseum Summit MENA
Coliseum Summit Americas 2015

Delegate profile

Coliseum welcomes every professional involved in the sports venues business:

  • Investors, owners, stadium buyers
  • Stakeholders
  • Municipalities and government bodies
  • Associations and sports clubs
  • Sporting federations
  • Real Estate developers
  • Architects, master planners and engineers
  • State development companies
  • Experts and consultants
  • Contractors
  • Banks
  • Service providers
  • Building material suppliers
  • Facility Management companies
  • Stadium and arena operators

Join us in one of our next events. It’s highly satisfying and beneficial to give and take some new ideas and inspirations from experts around the world.

Coliseum Summit Americas 2015

Exhibition & networking

Alongside the summit programme, Coliseum incorporates a compact exhibition of specially-selected companies, product and service suppliers. Featuring product showcasing, interaction and open discussions, this dedicated area is the center of our main networking area. It really is the place to exchange opinions and discuss your business! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please send us an email.

Coliseum Summit Americas 2015
Coliseum Summit Americas 2015
Coliseum Summit Americas 2015
Coliseum Summit MENA 2015

Media coverage

Coliseum Summit MENA 2013

About MJR Group Ltd.

MJR is a niche consultancy agency focused on sports and entertainment venues, host cities, performing art centers and facility management (FM) business. Operating from its offices in London and Dubai, MJR strives to create knowledge-sharing platforms and provides services to the named industries.

The group owns several distinctive brands: Coliseum, FMQ, THEATRUM and Host Cities. MJR serves these sectors with various conferences, publications and online platforms. Notable among MJR’s publications are Coliseum and FMQ.

MJR’s flagship Coliseum is the only conference with a global presence in the key markets of the stadium and arena business: Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.

These summits have transformed into a forum that offers interconnectivity to all the regions of the world. In the process, it has successfully created unique platforms from where knowledge is shared between local, regional and international experts.

MJR also undertakes marketing services (USP analysis, corporate branding guidelines, brochures, websites etc.) for existing clients and conducts research and intelligence gathering for the sports venue and host cities industries.

More about us on our corporate website: MJR Group.

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