Coliseum Online Week LATAM
July 19-23, 2021


Conference program

  • Conference stream: Venue DESIGN

    Zoom, 1-2 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 11 am CDT (Mexico) = 9 am PT (Los Angeles)

    This segment of the conference streams is about the most exciting and innovative newly planned stadiums and arena projects of the future – in one phrase, the next generation of venues. Listen about the newest trends in stadium design. How a stadium is no longer an isolated project but deeply integrated with multi-use urban development models to include hotels, conference centres, retail outlets and entertainment zones. Also, learn about the huge demand on training centers. Overlay, afterall, is a huge part of the buzzword legacy in major event planning.

  • 1 pm ART

    Sustainability main theme in Mexico venue

    Coliseum Online Week LATAM 2021 - Cesar Esparza visualImage: Juego de Pelota Inc.

    A new stadium - Sustainable Yucatan Stadium (ESY) - with a capacity to sit more than 30,000 people will be built in the City of Mérida in Mexico. It will be a mixed-use property which, among other things, will serve as the new home of the Venados FC of the Expansion League and the Lions of Yucatán of the LMB.

    In this virtual session, César O. Esparza, Member, Coliseum Strategic Committee, will take us onto the road of the development idea of this new stadium. He will also tell the online audience as to how sustainability will be the key mantra for the facility.

    César O. Esparza bioDeveloper, Yucatán Stadium, Mexico

  • 1:15 pm ART

    Cruzados ambitious venue transformation plans

    Coliseum Summit Speaker topic visual 2021 - IDOMImage: IDOM

    The Club Deportivo Universidad Católica is a professional football club based in Santiago, Chile, which plays in the Primera División, the top flight of Chilean football. Universidad Católica is one of the most successful and popular Chilean football clubs and considered one of Chile’s ‘Big Three’. The Universidad Católica Sports Club, founded in 1937, inaugurated its current residence - the 16,000-capacity San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium - in 1988.

    In his presentation, Juan Pablo Pareja will reveal in this virtual how the top of the heap football club - Cruzados - plans to rehabilitate its facility - San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium - in Santiago.

    Pareja will also reveal how the project has been developed by the Spanish company IDOM and seeks to transform the Universidad Católica stadium into the most futuristic and sustainable in the country.

    Pareja will further explain to the online audience how the management team of Cruzados intends to lend a chic touch to the stadium and the areas skirting it, thus making it a multipurpose venue, which will serve as an architectural landmark for the town of Las Condes and the City of Santiago. The management team will work in the interests of the community on which the facility will reside and once transformed, the stadium will prove to be a perfect fit to hold high-level sporting events, while generating new revenue streams.

    Juan Pablo Pareja bioGeneral Manager Universidad Católica Chile

  • 1:30 pm ART

    HOK-designed Valencia Arena bowl pièce de résistance

    Coliseum Summit Speaker topic visual 2021 - HOKImage: HOK

    London (UK)-based HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering, and planning firm. The celebrated design practice’s 1,600 people collaborate across a network of 23 offices on three continents. HOK designs buildings and spaces that respond to the needs of the people and the environment.

    In this virtual, Carlos de La Barrera will talk about Valencia Arena in Spain which HOK has designed. Valencia Arena is a cutting-edge under construction multipurpose venue with a primary focus on creating the highest fan experience for basketball, cultural and entertainment shows in Valencia. This new destination in Valencia City is transforming the surrounding area and will become a gathering place for residents, fans and tourists. The design celebrates the rich Valencian outdoor and culinary culture creating live terraces.

    Barrera will inform the online audience how the bowl (core) of the project has been designed to create a cauldron effect for the shows and basketball games to create ultimate experiences for fans. The whole HOK team has put in their best efforts to make it the pick of the litter arena in Europe. This arena will place Valencia in the international circuit of the best shows and sport games. During the presentation, Barrera will walk the online audience through some key milestones of this journey.

    Carlos de La Barrera bioSenior Associate, HOK, UK

  • 1:45 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue CONSTRUCTION

    Zoom, 2:30-3:30 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 12:30 pm CDT (Mexico) = 10:30 am PT (Los Angeles)

    This segment of the conference focuses on risks and challenges during the construction process. It deliberates on the procurement process and puts the contractors in the center stage. It also focuses on stadiums and arenas under renovation. If your stadium is not new anymore, what are the ways to extend its life for years to come? Different concepts and add-on’s in order to optimize the spaces within your venue are also discussed. We also deliberate on the myriad of other construction tools required for the stadium sector.

  • 2:30 pm ART

    Entertainment galore in Colombia City

    Arena del Río - topic visualImage: Arena del Río

    Two Way Stadiums, a US-based company, is developing the largest entertainment district in Latin America for sports and music events in Barranquilla, Colombia. With a 53,000-spectators capacity arena and multifunctional complex, it will also boast a 500-room five-star hotel operated by Umusic Hotels, more than 100 luxury branded residences, retail spaces, offices, TV studios, and more, thus boosting employment, tourism and urban development in the City.

    During this virtual, Tatyana Orozco will share her experience facing the main challenges on regulatory issues and how they have driven toward achieving an urban development as it’s needed for this type of projects.

    Tatyana Orozco bioCEO, Arena del Río, Colombia

  • 2:45 pm ART

    Hunden Strategic Partners perspective on LATAM sports facilities

    Hunden Strategic Partners - topic visualImage: Gensler

    Chicago (US)-based Hunden Strategic Partners (HSP) is a full-service global real estate development advisory practice, providing public and private sector clients with confidence and results so they can move their projects from concept through execution. With more than 25 years of experience on 800 projects, Rob Hunden and his team are relied-upon guides and advisors that provide owner’s representation services, project management and strategy, and the individual components of the process.

    Join Rob Hunden in this virtual for this fast-paced look at the new and renovated facilities defining Latin American sport and entertainment for the 2020’s. The pandemic has hit the region hard, but sports and entertainment will help to bring culture and crowds back together for a renewed appreciation of togetherness. See the new and under-construction new stadiums and arenas, understand trends in premium seating and other trends of note.

    Rob Hunden bioPresident, Hunden Strategic Partners, US

  • 3 pm ART

    HKS imbue Mexican custom in ‘The Wild Beast’ planned home

    HKS - topic visualImage: HKS

    HKS Mexico serves Latin American clients and collaborators with their exquisite designs and an efficient planning team is in place to deliver the desired results. Six major players took part in the design competition held way back in the year 2018 to design Club León’s (top-flight Mexican professional football club) planned venue, however, US-headquartered international design firm HKS Architects clinched the deal thus scripting the biggest success story for the company’s Mexico chapter.

    In this online assembly, Ricardo Rondon will inform that construction, in all likelihood, will start on Club León’s new planned venue - Nuevo Estadio León - in October this year and the 35,000-capacity proposed venue is expected to get off the ground in early 2024.

    Rondon will also inform the august audience how HKS has designed the stadium in keeping with Mexican customs. It will enjoy 300 private boxes, as well as major lounges and other corporate hospitality options. In aesthetic terms, the stadium is rather conventional, however, it complements the Mexican City’s (León) longstanding leather tanning industry.

    Ricardo Rondon bioSports & Venues Director, HKS, Mexico

  • 3:15 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue BUSINESS

    Zoom, 1-2 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 11 am CDT (Mexico) = 9 am PT (Los Angeles)

    Is your stadium able to turn each customer into a fan and make them come back again and again? Do you know your fan to begin with? Learn the right tools to elevate your service delivery. Are there ways to create the right content and while creating more event days in the process? Are you focused on ticket sales of the future: selling through Customer Relations Management (CRM) and social media? How about brand activation? And, how to find the fine balance between a perfect venue, capital expenditure and a lasting legacy? This and much more…

  • 1 pm ART

    The ‘bolsos’ new business building to take care of financials

    Coliseum Online Week LATAM 2021 - Martin de Castro visualImage: Club Nacional de Football

    Club Nacional de Football is a Uruguayan football club based in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was founded on May 14th, 1899 in Montevideo, and is the oldest team in Uruguay and the first creole club in America.

    The 34,000-capacity Estadio Gran Parque Central in Montevideo serves as their residence.

    In this virtual, Martin de Castro would explain how the club transformed an iconic (heritage) building headquarters of its administrative offices into a new 365-days-use business building featuring gyms, swimming pools and club museum. The repurposing work is on and the first phase will be over by the end of May, concurring with the club’s 122nd anniversary.

    De Castro would also inform the online audience that the heritage building has been transformed in order to finance the necessary renovation work to be carried out on the Estadio Gran Parque Central. Renovation work in the stadium (VIP boxes) is also underway and will be completed by the end of the year. The objective is to generate new revenue streams to finance the main stadium with the help of the areas skirting the venue.

    Martin de Castro bioGeneral Manager, Club Nacional de Football, Montevideo, Uruguay

  • 1:15 pm ART

    Creating Digital Twins to Unlock New Value in Sports Venues

    OnePlan visual 2021 - LATAMImage: OnePlan

    Venue Twin is the hyper-realistic, interactive new 3D solution from OnePlan, that unlocks operational and commercial value in venues. In this presentation, see Venue Twin in action with examples of how our customers - including Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton - benefit. And learn how this game-changing digital twin platform improves how you plan events - and opens up new opportunities to engage fans, sponsors and broadcasters.

    Paul Foster bioCEO & Founder, OnePlan, UK

  • 1:30 pm ART

    PPP role in Atanasio Girardot revamp

    Coliseum Online Week LATAM 2021 - Juan Manuel Mejía Salazar visualImage: Columbia Medellin Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex & Agencia APP

    Medellín (Colombia)-based the PPP agency is a decentralized entity of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and its mission is to manage sustainable projects that are characterized by the private sector participation for the development of social and productive infrastructure that contributes to the development of the public sector.

    In this online session, Juan Manuel Mejía Salazar will share how the agency will be involved in the modernization of the Atanasio Girardot sports unit in Colombia. They will provide complementary services with better technology and greater efficiency.

    Salazar will mention how PPP will also be involved in the design-build-finance-operate-maintain of the sports unit and will also establish commercial strategies to finance improvements for the main sports complex in the region.

    Juan Manuel Mejía Salazar bioDeputy Dir. PPP, Agencia APP de la Alcaldía de Medellín, Colombia

  • 1:45 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue TECHNOLOGY

    Zoom, 2:30-3:30 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 12:30 pm CDT (Mexico) = 10:30 am PT (Los Angeles)

    It seems IT and venue technology is taking over the whole venue business. Technology will no doubt change the fan experience in stadiums and arenas forever. The general question is: How much technology can be implemented? How can a tech platform help organizations understand their fans’ behavior and spending? What kind of content the fans produce from within the venue? How venue technology platforms generate revenue for a compelling return on interest (ROI) model and justify the investment? Learn more…

  • 2:30 pm ART

    Arena MRV all set to become best tech venue

    Topic visual 2021 - Arena MRVImage: Arena MRV/Clube Atlético Mineiro

    Arena MRV will be the new pad of the Brazilian professional football club - Clube Atlético Mineiro. Construction work on the new arena is on despite coronavirus still keeping Brazil on tenterhooks.

    In this online assembly, Leandro César Lopes Evangelista will talk about the under-construction stadium which is all set for a 2023 opening. He will also inform how the main objective is to deliver a venue boasting cutting-edge technology and the most futuristic one in Latin America.

    Evangelista will also inform the online audience that Arena MRV has hired the services of the professional services company Accenture to further boost the tech quotient of the facility.

    Leandro César Lopes Evangelista bioHead of Technology, Arena MRV, Brazil

  • 2:45 pm ART

    L-Acoustics in LATAM - Shaping the future of sound

    Topic visual 2021 - L-AcousticsImage: L-Acoustics

    L-Acoustics entertainment sound systems are not only globally renowned for A-list concert touring artistes, but they are also widely used in major international sports venues and events.

    In this virtual, Angel Gonzalez España and Alex Soto will enlighten the online audience on how sports media has become more immersive and is statistically proven to be vital for the overall fan experience. The need for premium audio that truly reaches the fans is more necessary now than ever before.

    The duo will also explore L-Acoustics’ presence and resources in LATAM, along with state-of-the-art sports sound examples, and discuss why “good enough” is no longer good enough.

    Angel González España bioSales Manager, LATAM, L-Acoustics, Americas

    Alex Soto bioApplication Engineer, LATAM & The Caribbean, L-Acoustics, Americas

  • 3 pm ART

    Living up to the expectations of ‘digitized’ fans

    Topic visual 2021 - Maracanã StadiumImage: Maracanã Stadium

    Maracanã Stadium, officially named Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, is an association football stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stadium is part of a complex that includes an arena known by the name of Maracanãzinho, which means ‘The Little Maracanã’ in Portuguese. It is one of the most famous stadiums in the world. The venue boasts two top-flights as its tenants - Flamengo Rio de Janeiro and Fluminense Rio de Janeiro.

    In this hybrid conclave, Igor Cavaco will highlight how global digital transformation has received further boost with the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020. The pandemic is still holding the world to ransom and ‘touchless’ and ‘contactless’ have become the key words these days. Digital consumption has spread to all fronts of life including sports and events in a post-coronavirus world. Due to increasing advancement of venue technology, including rollout of 5G services in some parts of the globe, fan behavior and expectations will undergo a sea change.

    Cavaco will also highlight that as security concerns at large crowd events are increasing due to the threat of COVID-19, in-stadium experiences must meet ever rising fan expectations coming from an increasingly digitized consumer world and this will come as a huge challenge for venues as they will have to live up to the expectations of the spectators and with the increased deployment of technology, they must ensure that venues are safe and secure and that fans can enjoy a total touchless experience once inside the facility.

    Igor Cavaco bioVenue Manager, Maracanã Stadium, Brazil

  • 3:15 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: GREEN Venue

    Zoom, 4-5 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 2 pm CDT (Mexico) = 12 pm PT (Los Angeles)

    Green initiatives are no longer the provinces of hippies and tree-huggers. Going green is a staple of the sports and entertainment venues industry and it can be profitable too. This is the segment that evaluates costs; attempts to understand from a community relations perspective; and articulate a green initiatives policy. How innovative green technology is changing the way we look at our stadiums and sports arenas; and transforming them into a model of sustainable projects. Going green is not just an option in the stadium business, it is the way forward.

  • 4 pm ART

    Tigres UANL ‘Green’ initiatives

    Topic visual 2021 - Arena MRVImage: Tigres UANL

    Tigres UANL is a Mexican professional football club based in San Nicolás de los Garza, a City in the Monterrey metropolitan area of Mexico. The team’s home ground is the 42,000-capacity Estadio Universitario (University Stadium).

    In this hybrid session, Marisol Rodríguez Hernández will share how the club is planning to turn its residence ‘Green’ taking into consideration the fact that environment is a hot-button topic today and the world is on edge due to environmental pollution.

    She will also share how the stadium plans to increasingly adopt sustainable business practices in order to mitigate its environmental footprint.

    Marisol Rodríguez Hernández bioSocial Innovation Leader, Tigres UANL, Mexico

  • 4:15 pm ART

    THREE Environmental Consulting driving facility sustainability

    Topic visual 2021 - THREE Environmental ConsultingImage: THREE

    THREE Environmental Consulting is a technology-based firm that offers environmental consulting and design services for the construction industry by providing an integrated engineered approach that promotes ecological, economical and social values.

    In this hybrid congress, Lourdes Salinas will inform how computational analyzes starting at the conceptual design stage of the project can reduce capital cost investment and inform design decisions to further reduce operational costs while increasing overall facility sustainability.

    Salinas will further inform how stadiums and arenas have the potential to become an example of intelligent and efficient design, implementing passive strategies to reduce energy consumption and increase the comfort quotient.

    Lourdes Salinas bioFounder, THREE Environmental Consulting, Mexico

  • 4:30 pm ART

    Green stadium initiatives in Chile: Colo-Colo

    Topic visual - Colo-ColoImage: Colo-Colo FC

    Samuel PérezCCO & CMO, Colo-Colo, Chile

  • 4:45 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: HOST CITY Venues

    Zoom, 1-2 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 11 am CDT (Mexico) = 9 am PT (Los Angeles)

    How should the perfect host city- and the venues within it, prepare for a major sporting event? If a host city’s venues are important, equally important are its planning services, transport logistics, safety and security protocols, city wide activation and the multiplicity of considerations which form the crux of pulling off a successful event. Event organizers/rights holders like FIFA, UEFA, International Olympic Committee, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, Asian Games etc., are hosting mega multi-sport events on multi-year cycles, and every sport runs its World Cups and annual National Championships. Rather than creating event venues, sustainability directives dictate adaptation and creativity- what are the trends?

  • 1 pm ART

    MEI helping sports bodies script success

    Major Events International (MEI) visual 2021 - LATAMImage: Pan American Games Santiago de Chile 2023

    In this online session to be moderated by Dennis Mills, speaker Jaime Reusche will share best practice and lessons learnt from Lima (Peru) 2019 (Pan American Games) and look forward to a new-look Pan American Games in Santiago (Chile) in 2023. Reusche will also talk about facility planning, the justification for hosting and how Chile is planning to leverage the event to deliver a lasting legacy.

    Dennis Mills bioCEO, Major Events International (MEI), UK

    Jaime ReuscheChief Adviser to the CEO, Lima 2019, Peru

  • 1:45 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue OPERATIONS

    Zoom, 2:30-3:30 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 12:30 pm CDT (Mexico) = 10:30 am PT (Los Angeles)

    Venues require large capital investments and are expected to produce a substantial return on investment (ROI). In addition to the initial investment, operating stadiums and arenas require year-round capital expenditure. The venues have to be maintained in the best possible way, at the lowest cost, while still maintaining aesthetic appeal and profitability. How does a successful asset management plan work in such a scenario? Does a venue need ISO or LEED certifications? How to solve the parking headaches? Customized facilities management may offer the right answers.

  • 2:30 pm ART

    COVID-19 changing event trajectory

    CONMEBOL visual 2021 - LATAMImage: CONMEBOL

    The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) is the continental governing body of football in South America and it is one of FIFA’s six continental confederations. The oldest continental confederation in the world, its headquarters are located in Luque, Paraguay, near Asunción. CONMEBOL is responsible for the organization and governance of South American football’s major international tournaments.

    In this online session, Icaro Nogueira will speak on the Final CONMEBOL Libertadores City 2021-2022-2023 where they want to create a unique and memorable experience for fans. He will also mention how these games will open up vistas of economic opportunities for the region as well as tourism prospects.

    Nogueira will also point out how COVID-19 has changed the whole equation of holding any major soccer showpiece or any other event and how making fans feel secure inside the stadium in a post-COVID world by maintaining the highest standards of hygiene has become a huge challenge in itself.

    Icaro Nogueira bioManager, Special Projects, CONMEBOL, Paraguay

  • 2:45 pm ART

    Grêmio take the lead in successful delivery of events

    Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense - topic visual 2021Image: Lucas Uebel & GFBPA

    Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense, commonly known as Grêmio, is a Brazilian professional football club based in Porto Alegre, capital City of the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul. The club plays in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, the top tier of the Brazilian football league system, and the Campeonato Gaúcho, Rio Grande do Sul’s top State league.

    Marina Tranchitella - who was involved in the successful holding of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018 - will talk about matchday operations in this online session and how challenging it is to ensure the safest possible stadium environment on a matchday and successful delivery of the same.

    Tranchitella will also point out that a spiffy stadium is not enough to attract fans if the facilities provided leave much to be desired.

    Marina Tranchitella bioConsultant Operational Management, Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense, Brazil

  • 3 pm ART

    Neo Química Arena strive to come on its own

    Neo Química Arena - topic visualImage: Neo Química Arena

    Neo Química Arena, previously known as Arena Corinthians, is a sports stadium located in São Paulo, Brazil, owned, operated and used by one of the most successful Brazilian clubs - Corinthians. It has a seating capacity of 49,205, making it the fifth-largest stadium used by teams in the top tier of the Brazilian League and the 11th-largest in Brazil.

    In this hybrid session, Vinicius Azevedo will share his vision on the commercial aspects of the stadium and how the arena is putting its best foot forward to give fans an enriching experience and will also touch on the day-to-day operations of the facility. He will also talk about the sponsorship supporting part like the company Homefans recently announcing a partnership with the Neo Química Arena which will allow the former to host its famous ‘Casa do Povo’ stadium tour.

    Vinicius Azevedo bioFormer Commercial GM, Neo Química Arena, Brazil

  • 3:15 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue SECURITY, HEALTH & SAFETY

    Zoom, 4-5 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 2 pm CDT (Mexico) = 12 pm PT (Los Angeles)

    At a time of heightened risks, security of venues and the safety of fans have become paramount. Sports venues are targets of opportunity. Here, we discuss the steps to protect venues from the new bad guys. How to react in case of a bomb threat for instance? We also attempt to differentiate between safety (crowd management) and security (crowd control). How can modern IT support safety and security? Is your training sufficient? Does it train staff on today’s threats and not those of yesterdays?

    COVID-19 has also thrown up the biggest challenge to the sports venue sector. Sooner or later, fans will come back into stadiums but will be apprehensive about the novel coronavirus till a vaccine is found. In this segment, we will discuss how social distancing norms will have to be strictly imposed in stadia, and how entry/exit protocols in and out of the venue should be touchless and in the form of biometrics. How will futuristic technology facilitate contactless service?

    We will also deliberate how enhanced sanitation and safety will have to be priorities in venues and how sports and entertainment venues should adopt mobile ordering and order-ahead capabilities for foodservices with designated pickup times. In a COVID-19 world, crowding around a food or drink counters is no longer acceptable and a scenario could arrive when food will be given in packets to spectators keeping in mind the health factor of both players and supporters.

  • 4 pm ART

    Security paradigm of stadia in a post-pandemic world

    Agustín García Puga - topic visual 2021Image: Agustín García Puga

    The Ministry of Security of Argentina is a Ministry of the national executive power that oversees public safety and security.

    Stadiums are postcards that are part of the visual spectacle offered by a club to the world. In this hybrid session, Agustín García Puga will point out how with the global COVID-19 disaster, spectators in stadia now will have to adapt to new ways of watching post-pandemic events with venue operators making everything touchless and contactless keeping in mind the safety and security of fans, players and everybody involved in running of a venue. Stadia will have to undergo a huge transformation and will have to become COVID-compliant venues - going by the virulent nature of the virus - in order for fans to return to arenas in full strength.

    Puga will also point out that security and safety measures in stadia will have to be totally foolproof and futuristic. In his presentation in this virtual, he will bring to fore operational security issues in Argentina stadiums and will present a case study of the Argentine sports club - Boca Juniors club.

    Agustín García Puga bioGM Security, Ministry of Security, Argentina

  • 4:15 pm ART

    Keeping fans secure ‘monumental’ task in post-COVID environment

    River Plate - topic visual 2021Image: River Plate

    Club Atlético River Plate, commonly known as River Plate, is an Argentine professional sports club based in the Núñez neighborhood of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and was founded on May 25th, 1901, and named after the English name for the City’s estuary, Río de la Plata. Although many sports are practiced at the club, River Plate is best known for its professional football team, which has won Argentina’s Primera División championship a record 36 times.

    Ignacio Villarroel will share in this online session how in a world caught in the grip of the fatal coronavirus, the real challenge lies in ensuring the safety quotient in stadia, in this case being the River Plate’s 70,074-capacity home - the El Monumental Stadium. The greatest challenge is to keep alive the stadium environment replete with fans’ chants and yet make certain that spectators are safe and secure inside the venue in a COVID-19 struck world.

    Villarroel will also share in this virtual how imperative it has become to construct futuristic arenas that leave zero carbon footprints.

    Ignacio Villarroel bioGeneral Secretary, River Plate, Argentina

  • 4:45 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue VIP

    Zoom, 1-2 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 11 am CDT (Mexico) = 9 am PT (Los Angeles)

    Does your stadium offer dog-friendly box seats? Does it have luxurious cabanas, swimming pools and night clubs catering to the needs of the discerning VIP clientele? VIPs are among the main patrons of a stadium, and therefore, the management needs to pay close attention to their basic comforts. Are stadiums geared to offer customized experience vis-à-vis seating and hospitality packages to different target groups? How do you create right products and offer right services for the right market and achieve the right results for the venue? Tune in…

  • 1 pm ART

    Baseball runs in the veins of ‘Red Devils’

    Coliseum Online Week LATAM 2021 - Diablos Rojos visualImage: Diablos Rojos

    The Diablos Rojos del Mexico is a professional baseball team in the Mexican League based in Mexico City, Mexico. The team was founded in 1940 by Salvador Lutteroth and Ernesto Carmona. The ‘Red Devils’ play their home games at the Estadio Alfredo Harp Helú, which has a seating capacity of 20,233 people.

    In this online conference, Othon Díaz will point out how Major League Baseball (MLB) sees a lot of opportunities in Mexico which is a very consistent market. He will also speak on how committed as a team the ‘Red Devils’ are and how the game is the team’s soul - “they want to live and die playing baseball”.

    Othon Díaz bioExecutive VP, Diablos Rojos, Mexico

  • 1:15 pm ART

    SERIES Seating in the driver’s (seat)

    Coliseum Online Week US 2020 - SERIES Seating visualImage: SERIES Seating

    SERIES Seating is a premier fixed audience seating manufacturer based in Miami, Florida (US) doing business in over 40 countries around the world.

    Steve Burgess will tell the online audience how SERIES Seating was recently honored to be chosen as the seating partner for the renovation of Hayward Field at the University of Oregon (a historic track and field stadium which sits in the varsity campus).

    Burgess will speak on how this almost 13,000-seat project was quite unique because all of the seats were custom-designed specifically for Hayward Field. These seats were fully upholstered and are being used in an outdoor and rainy environment. There were quite a few challenges which SERIES Seating overcame and a new company has been created as a result of this project which he would introduce in the online session.

    Steve Burgess bioVice-President, Sales, SERIES Seating, US

  • 1:30 pm ART

    Seating comfort thy name is Daplast

    Coliseum Online Week LATAM 2021 - Daplast visualImage: Daplast

    The commitment of Daplast is to obtain customer satisfaction and to provide maximum comfort to the audience. It is responsible for designing, manufacturing and assembling seats and detachable tribunes for sport and leisure facilities, from grandstands for large stadiums to football grounds, sports halls and sports centers in general.

    In this virtual, Silvia Muñoz will give tips on how to choose the best stadium seating for each area of a stadium. She will present case studies to demonstrate how well Daplast has managed stadium seating and will also bring into sharp focus different areas (customize different areas of the stadium, animation stands, narrow tread rows, etc) and which type of seating arrangement the company has gone in for to ensure that the comfort quotient is high for spectators.

    Silvia Muñoz bioExport Sales Manager, Daplast, Spain

  • 1:45 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue EXPERIENCE

    Zoom, 2:30-3:30 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 12:30 pm CDT (Mexico) = 10:30 am PT (Los Angeles)

    How do we define fan experience? Is it just about ordering a beer with a click on a smartphone or the thrill of betting on your favorite teams? What are the strategies of stadiums/arenas that cater to the needs of fans and add values to their experiences? Do we have tools or techniques to measure fan experience? What about the right prices? Do venue apps really deliver valuable content? Are loyalty programs of venues any better or worse than the ones run by airlines and rent-a-car firms? Find the answers to all these questions, and much more…

  • 2:30 pm ART

    Estudiantes enjoy ‘edge’ with EDGE-certified venue

    Coliseum Online Week LATAM 2021 - Club Estudiantes de La Plata visualImage: Club Estudiantes de La Plata

    Club Estudiantes de La Plata, simply referred to as Estudiantes, is an Argentine professional sports club based in La Plata, Argentina. The club’s football team currently competes in the Primera División, where it has spent most of its history. It is a top-flight club of Argentina. The 30,018-capacity Jorge Luis Hischi Stadium in Argentina serves as the jigs of the club.

    In this virtual, Mariano Vazquez Mangano will share how the club was in the news after its residence restructuring work was over and in the year 2019 they celebrated their first match back at Jorge Luis Hischi Stadium with a huge flaming lion ‘hologram’ prowling around the venue as part of a stunning augmented reality (AR) show.

    Juan Pedro Prates will tell the online audience how the club partnered with sustainability consultants to build a modern, green, resource-efficient Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE)-certified stadium - a green building certification system focused on making new residential and commercial buildings more resource-efficient.

    Prates will also reveal the strategies they adopted to get funds to build the stadium and the challenge of dealing with COVID-19, which has hit the country hard, has resulted in empty stands and, consequently, revenue erosion.

    Juan Pedro Prates bioVice-President, Club Estudiantes de La Plata, Argentina

    Mariano Vazquez Mangano bioHead of Marketing, Club Estudiantes de La Plata, Argentina

  • 3:15 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: AUDIOVISUAL Solutions & BRAND Development

    Zoom, 1-2 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 11 am CDT (Mexico) = 9 am PT (Los Angeles)

    AUDIOVISUAL Solutions

    No longer is it enough for fans to come to a stadium, sit in a seat and watch a game or other event. Venues face competition from fans’ own homes, where they have high-definition TVs and easy access to snacks, beverages and other amenities. To get fans in the door, sports teams and venues must offer much more than a game; they need to deliver a compelling experience. New audiovisual (AV) technologies are the foundation of modern fan engagement.

    A wide range of AV solutions is essential to these efforts. Stadiums and arenas are employing massive video boards as the centerpiece of many venues, giving fans a central place to focus their attention when it’s not on the action. Video walls, ribbons and individual displays,advanced audio systems, mobile applications — even next-generation technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality — are coming into play. The use cases for these technologies vary just as widely. In addition to providing in-house entertainment for fans, they are used for wayfinding, advertising, digital menus, fan information, even security.

  • 1 pm ART

    Ross Video leg-up to SoFi Stadium hallowed image

    Ross Video - topic visualImage: Ross Video

    Ross Video Limited is a privately-held Canadian company that designs and manufactures equipment for live event and video production.

    Join Jason Barden in this virtual as he discusses how Ross Video’s Unified Sports Venue Solution has enabled the scintillating SoFi Stadium in US to deliver a fan experience that lives up to the hype of the world’s most impressive venue.

    Barden will also point out how offering a robust and feature-rich video production portfolio, Ross Video helped overcome several technology challenges associated with a project of this magnitude and complexity. From content creation for the jaw-dropping double- sided Oculus LED display, to operational workflow, to data-driven graphics on the roof, this session will take a closer look behind the scenes of the cutting-edge, scalable technology used to drive this impressive facility.

    Jason Barden bioDirector of Sales, LATAM, Ross Video, Canada

  • BRAND Development

    Over the years, branding has become one of the core strategies of any business. It plays a pivotal role in marketing and business development. In the field of stadium business, it isn’t the stadium alone that needs brand development. In fact, much of the branding strategy involves the sports clubs that the stadiums represent. As clubs go about increasingly looking for international investors, the focus on brand visibility seems to have gained prominence.

    Most clubs these days employ a strong squad of international business development professionals in a bid to come up with innovative and unique branding solutions. After all, branding could be the key difference between striking a deal or losing one. Ultimately, the stadium business sector becomes the true beneficiary of such branding exercise. The new funding and revenues generated by brand development is eventually ploughed back into building training grounds and new stadiums.

  • 1:15 pm ART

    Deportivo Cali big plans for home ground

    Deportivo Cali - topic visualImage: Deportivo Cali Stadium (Twitter)

    Deportivo Cali is a Colombian sports club based in Cali (Colombia) and is known for its football team, which currently competes in the Categoría Primera A - the top-tier football league in Colombia.

    In this hybrid assembly, Nicolás Borrero will tell how the 52,000-capacity Estadio Deportivo Cali in Colombia - home of the top-flight club – was built in 2001 and how Deportivo Cali is planning to repurpose the stadium and make it a futuristic entertainment hub for the region.

    Borrero will also inform the august audience how Deportivo Cali is the only Colombian football club that owns its own stadium and is also the only club in Colombia to be owned by its fans. It was also the first Colombian team to reach the final of Copa Libertadores in 1978. In 2016, Forbes listed Deportivo Cali as the 36th most valuable team of America.

    Nicolás Borrero bioMarketing & Commercial Director, Deportivo Cali, Colombia

  • 1:30 pm ART

    Digital transformation key to sports entity success

    Club Atlético Nacional - topic visualImage: Club Atlético Nacional

    Atlético Nacional S. A., best known as Atlético Nacional, is a Colombian professional football club based in Medellín, Colombia. The club is one of only three clubs to have played in every first division tournament in the country’s history, the other two teams being Millonarios and Santa Fe.

    In this virtual, Mateo Jaramillo will speak on digital transformation which is not a very simple process and can only be implemented through team work. Only by boasting digital edge can companies transform and evolve their business.

    Jaramillo will also point out that digital edge is not just about benefiting people who are active on the social media platforms, but it is a whole ecosystem which connects all stakeholders connected to any business. The key to success for any sports entity lies in moving forward with fans and keeping stakeholders’ interests in mind.

    Mateo Jaramillo bioDigital Marketing Coordinator, Club Atlético Nacional, Colombia

  • 1:45 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

  • Conference stream: Venue DESTINATION

    Zoom, 2:30-3:30 pm ART (Buenos Aires) = 12:30 pm CDT (Mexico) = 10:30 am PT (Los Angeles)

    Sports sell places. How do you ensure that the spectators come to the venue earlier, stay longer, have more fun and in the process help generate more revenue? Many stadiums nowadays are conceptualized as destinations – for visitors and the neighborhood, the so called community stadiums. These stadiums will have to respond to local needs else they will never make profit. Stadiums are more than just a place to watch the game. Involving theme parks is bound to add value to the best practices and experiences for destination creation.

  • 2:30 pm ART

    Uruguayan Football Association steps to reshape Estadio Centenario

    Uruguayan FA - topic visualImage: Marcelo Campi

    The Uruguayan Football Association is the governing body of football in Uruguay. It was founded in the year 1900 as the Uruguayan Association Football League and was affiliated to FIFA in 1923. It is a founding member of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and is in charge of the national men’s team and the national women’s team, as well as the Uruguayan football league system.

    In this virtual, Ignacio Alonso will touch on Estadio Centenario, a stadium in the Parque Batlle neighborhood of Montevideo, Uruguay, used primarily for football. The stadium was built between 1929 and 1930 to host the inaugural 1930 FIFA World Cup™. He will talk about the Uruguayan Football Association initiating steps to refurbish the iconic venue like upgrading the VIP boxes and improvisation on the lighting system.

    Alonso will also provide an overview of plans to the online audience as regards having the facility fully redecorated and it will wear a chic look by the year 2030.

    Ignacio AlonsoPresident, Uruguayan FA

  • 2:45 pm ART

    IDOM mirror local flavor in venue designs

    IDOM - topic visualImage: IDOM

    IDOM is a multinational corporation which provides consulting, engineering and architecture services in Spain and internationally.

    In this online session, Diego Rodríguez Segura will share with the august virtual audience the presentation around the key aspects IDOM considers while taking up a project: Global expertise for a local design.

    He will also highlight the cultural, urban and social aspects each location boast per se where IDOM’s project work is on, and how IDOM prefers to integrate the socio-cultural factors of a particular place into their stadium design, thus making each project stand out globally and make it the most sought-after destination for visitors once done.

    Diego Rodríguez Segura bioSenior Sports Architect, IDOM, Spain

  • 3 pm ART

    Grupo Industrias Meier helping venues sparkle ‘n’ shine

    Grupo Industrias Meier - topic visualImage: Grupo Industrias Meier

    Grupo Industrias Meier is dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing, and installation of equipment and high-efficiency lighting systems in sports venues, industrial organizations, street lighting, as well as in commercial areas using mainly sodium vapor, metal halide and LED luminaires.

    Juan Meier will shine a spotlight in this online session on how CONMEBOL - the regulatory body for South American football - have given clear directives to stadia operators to overhaul the lighting system in their respective facilities. He will also explain that to ensure robust lighting facilities, only sparkle does not count but factors like color reproduction, flicker and color temperature matter a lot to ensure that the broadcast quality of any event is a superior one as well as flawless.

    Meier will also point out in this online presentation how LED lighting goes on to make for a good pitch image - especially for the broadcast people - and helps boost the quality quotient of any event in Latin America.

    Juan Meier bioCEO, Grupo Industrias Meier, Peru

  • 3:15 pm ART

    Q&A from the online audience

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