Arne Sebastian Fritz - Associate Partner, Drees & Sommer, Germany

Arne Sebastian Fritz

Arne Sebastian Fritz is a Senior Project Partner and Head of Sports at Drees & Sommer, Germanys leading project management and real estate consulting company. Arne can rely on 20 years of professional experience in architecture and project management of large scale projects, stadia, arenas and major events. Furthermore he focused in the disciplines of urban development and programme management.

During his last 10 years at Drees und Sommer he had a leading position in several large projects such as the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and the masterplan for the Hamburg bid for the summer olympics 2024. Some of his most important ongoing projects are the German bid for the UEFA Euro 2024 and the Masterplan development for the Hamburger SV.

Since 2016 he built up the branch Drees & Sommer Sports. As head of sports his goal is to enable successful developments of sports and leisure facilities in the context of city and district developments, considering the aspects of sustainability, life cycle engineering, green building certification as well as the economic construction of venues.

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