Coliseum Summit US
June 2025


Coliseum Summit: Premium – Boutique – Exclusive

Coliseum is a global series of stadium and arena business conferences, a sports venue news online-platform and an international publication dedicated to the various challenges of designing, constructing and operating of sports venues all around the world.

It is the only global sports venues business summit with 5 dedicated stadium and arena conferences every year in 5 key regions in the world: Europe, US, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latam. These conferences are formatted to highlight different segments of the stadium business, namely: Venue DESIGN, Venue CONSTRUCTION, Venue BUSINESS, Venue TECHNOLOGY, Venue OPERATIONS, Venue SECURITY, GREEN Venue, Venue VIP (premium seating), Venue EXPERIENCE, AUDIOVISUAL Solutions, BRAND Development and Venue DESTINATION.

The format of the conference offers a 15-minute case study and presentations followed by a Q&A round. The diverse mix of topics in the sessions keeps the delegates attentive and engaged. Panel discussions have been deliberately left out to make more room for intense interaction between speakers and the audience. Delegates have constantly given an overwhelming feedback with a big thumbs-up to the “unbeatable content” at the Coliseum Summits, which brings in experts under a single roof to discuss key issues pertinent to sports venue business without any break-out sessions.

Coliseum Summits are deliberately created for only 200 guests with the push more on quality instead of quantity. The spaces for sponsors and exhibitors are strictly limited. Coliseum is boutique and exclusive in a true sense.

Coliseum does not allow sales pitches. It is all about insightful industry knowledge based on projects and shared information – most crucially the mistakes made, subsequent solutions and lessons learned. The outcome inadvertently is more knowledge and absorption of key information that is critical to making better decisions on future projects.

Attending Coliseum will enable you to network with stadium and arena business leaders and your peers from around the world. Coliseum is a journey that leads to the discovery of valuable ways of creating a more profitable venue. Critically, it offers a great and unique learning platform about how to market your business with more engaging content for your fans and customers.

Coliseum believes in and encourages the idea of ‘one venue, one room’. The exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge under one roof between the experts and stakeholders create an opportunity of understanding of each other’s challenges. This is the reason why we do not have ‘break up’ sessions in our conferences.

The underlying mantra, as stressed by founder Michael Rennschmied, is: “If we listen to each other’s challenges we will have a better venue at the end.”

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