Coliseum SUMMIT to enter US and Asia next year


Coliseum Summit AMERICAS & ASIA

Coliseum has a new strategy, we are going global.

Having held successful editions of Coliseum SUMMIT in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region and India since 2011, the event is all set to travel further to the United States and Asia next year.

The Coliseum SUMMIT will be held in the US in March, 2015 followed by Asia in June, 2015. The host cities in both the countries will be announced shortly. Events for this year includes the second edition of Coliseum SUMMIT in India (New Delhi, Oct 7-8) followed by the fourth edition of the SUMMIT in Qatar (Doha, Nov 10-11).

Coliseum SUMMIT is a conference and exhibition event dedicated to the various challenges and solutions of the sports venue sector. It is the only event globally which draws all the stakeholders in the stadium business – including stadium buyers, owners and investors – under one roof.

“After hosting eight stadium conferences in Qatar, Turkey, Iraq and India; Coliseum is poised to enter very sophisticated stadium business markets with new and fresh ideas and the uniqueness to bring people from other regions of the world,” said Michael Rennschmied, the CEO of MJR Group which runs Coliseum.

“Work on the inaugural Coliseum SUMMITs in the US and Asia has already started. With the support of strong partners including sports bodies, stadium buyers and owners, and investors, we are very confident to add value to the regions,” Rennschmied informed, adding, “The conference programmes in the US and Asia will be totally different from the ones in the Middle East or Europe for example.”

With a vision of having five annual conferences on five continents, Coliseum has transformed into a leading forum that offers interconnectivity to all the regions of the world. In the process, it has successfully created unique platforms from where knowledge is shared between local, regional and international experts who design, construct, operate and manage venues globally.

“In the future new stadium developments will decrease, like for example is the case with Euro 2020. Also in the recently held 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) got a lot of criticism for spending exorbitantly on new venues. The stadium business has much more to offer than developments of new stadia alone,” explained Rennschmied.

“Therefore, Coliseum is preparing for the future and adding events in different regions. Of course stadium renovation and new build stadiums will still be a major topic. In the US over 100 of those projects are planned and in Asia around 60,” he concluded.

Coliseum operates from its offices in London, Aachen (Germany), Dubai and Doha.


About the SUMMIT

Coliseum SUMMIT was founded in 2011 and so far eight such stadium conferences have been held in four countries – Qatar, Turkey, Iraq and India.

Coliseum – sports venues of the world – stands for design, delivery, operations and legacy of stadia and arenas. The Coliseum brand is defined by its niche range of products which are specialised and tailored to add great value to the venue business internationally.

Coliseum brings to the fore the key figures and personalities in the industries, together with their projects and ask key questions. Coliseum strongly believes people should always be challenged in looking across their own borders. This is the reason why it has become a platform to unite owners, stakeholders, investors, architects, consultants, contractors, operators, suppliers and fans under one roof – within the Coliseum SUMMIT.

Coliseum paves the ground for all people involved in sports venues to understand and connect with each other.

About the company

The MJR Group is committed to creating knowledge-sharing platforms and providing services to the venue, host cities and facility management business. In 2012, MJR founded Facility Management Qatar (FMQ). This platform exists as conference and publication.

MJR’s owners founded Coliseum, a leading conference for the business needs of the global sports facility sector. The summit is supported by Coliseum Magazine, sports venues of the world. Coliseum Summit is held in three different regions yearly.

MJR also organises the Host Cities Summit to serve the needs of cities/countries bidding for mega events (including sporting events) around the world. MJR also undertakes confidential research projects on request and was able to deliver major projects within the sports business in 2013 and 2014.

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