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Bid to transform RFK site as Commanders home

Washington Commanders Stadium update July 2023

The transformation of the old RFK site in Washington (US) into a brand new stadium for the National Football League (NFL) team Washington Commanders could be one step closer if Federal legislation is passed. ‘wusa9.com’ stated that a spokesperson for Representative James Comer confirmed that... » Read more

Washington Commanders home turf knotty issue

Washington Commanders new stadium

First the National Football League (NFL) team recently named Washington Commanders (US) were called the Washington Redskins but in the year 2020 the team’s owner, Dan Snyder, was forced to “retire” the name as it generated a lot of controversy over being “racist” in nature. Then they... » Read more

Virginia beckon Washington Football Team

Washington NFL team might move to Virginia

Leading members of Virginia’s (US) House and Senate recently filed a legislation sought by the National Football League (NFL) team Washington Football Team to build a stadium and vast commercial complex in Northern Virginia, another step in a bipartisan effort to lure the team to the... » Read more

MLB fans run for dear life over gunfire

Shots fired outside National Park stadium Washington

At a professional baseball game held at the Nationals Park in Washington (US), fans and players were a bundle of nerves and almost skipped their heartbeats and scrambled for cover after a shooting outside the venue caused echoes of gunfire inside the stadium. The ‘ABC News’ stated that the game... » Read more

Washington Football Team to boast full house

Washington to reopen venues to full capacity

The National Football League (NFL) team Washington Football Team announced recently that it will allow fans back to its digs – FedExField (US) – for the 2021 season at full capacity. ‘NBC Sports’ stated that the team had only a total of 3,000 fans attend its home games in 2020 as... » Read more

US stadia to serve as polling stations

Washington Capital One Arena

Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., US, is set to become the latest major league arena to open as a polling station for the upcoming US presidential elections in November this year. Capital One Arena serves as the home of the Washington Wizards National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball... » Read more