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24/7 Software custodians of venue safety

Michael Karp at Coliseum Europe 2023

Lot of venues are facing an increase in poor spectator behavior like getting into drunken brawls and damage to property which causes security issues of almost gigantic proportions. Such kind of behavior causes sleepless nights to the venue operators and also reflects poorly on the venue image.Full... » Read more

24/7 Software’s COVID-19 ‘Guide’ a boon

Jacob Molz, VP, Marketing & Sales Operations, 24/7 Software and ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’

The COVID-19 crisis is holding the whole world to ransom. It is causing death, inconvenience, and great physical and economic suffering. Livelihoods have been lost and the virus has left a trail of death. The worst sufferers are the marginalized section of the society who is facing the... » Read more

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