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Estate ace to lead Christchurch venue work

New director appointed to deliver Christchurch Stadium

The Christchurch City Council (New Zealand) recently confirmed a new permanent Chair and Director to the Board of the company overseeing work on the City’s $523 million Canterbury Multi-Use Arena. The ‘Australasian Leisure Management’ stated that Barry Bragg, a Chartered Accountant who has... » Read more

Australia, New Zealand venues as vax sites

Major venues in Australia and New Zealand becoming vaccination centers

Major venues across Australia and New Zealand has swapped sport and entertainment for vaccines, becoming sites for mass vaccinations against the dreaded COVID-19 disease which is causing havoc in Australia while the situation has stabilized in New Zealand a little. The ‘Australasian Leisure... » Read more

Canterbury Multi-Use Arena capacity increase

Christchurch arena with 30000 seats approved

The Christchurch City Council (New Zealand) has voted to restore the seating capacity of the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena to 30,000. The ‘Christchurch City Council’ stated that the arena will be able to host up to 41,000 people for concerts. The Canterbury Multi-Use Arena (CMUA) is a multiuse... » Read more

Rachel Taulelei new Chair of Sky Stadium

New Zealand Sky Stadium new chair person

Rachel Taulelei has been appointed Chair of Sky Stadium in New Zealand. An announcement in this regard was made by the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust on Thursday. She will assume the role of Chair from July 1st, 2021. ‘Sky Stadium’ stated that Taulelei has been a Trustee of Sky Stadium for... » Read more

Kiwis groove to Six60 soulful numbers

50000 fans at Eden Park concert

Music buffs thronged Eden Park (New Zealand) on April 24th to listen to the five-piece New Zealand band Six60 and the latter boasted more fans than perhaps any other band in a live setting in the world since the COVID-19 tragedy unfolded in 2019. And Eden Park throbbed with live music while the... » Read more

FIFA women soccer spectacle venues declared

FIFA Womens World Cup 2023 stadiums announced

The first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup™ to be held in the southern hemisphere feels a step closer following the announcement of the Host City and stadia that will welcome the world in 2023. ‘FIFA.com’ stated that 10 stadia across nine cities were revealed early on April 2nd as Australia and... » Read more

It’s ‘music’ to the ears for Kiwis

New Zealand Eden Park will host concerts in the future

‘If music be the food of love play on’ – Shakespeare’s famous line from ‘Twelfth Night’ will hold true for Eden Park, New Zealand’s largest sports stadium at capital Auckland, where music will henceforth play on for six concerts in a year, with concomitant surge in revenue, as the... » Read more

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