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Global Payments on song payment solutions

Steve MaArdle at Coliseum Europe 2023

Today’s cutting-edge technology has added teeth to the payments ecosystem world over and the transaction exercise is a cakewalk in most cases these days. More so, if it is companies like Global Payments Inc., of United Kingdom where Steve McArdle occupies a key position.Full presentation... » Read more

Elavon-TDL deal on voice-driven services

Voice command to revolutionise hospitality

Global payments provider Elavon has partnered with The Digital Line (TDL) on a voice-activated solution for the hospitality industry. ‘Elavon’ stated that the solution – Audico – utilizes the Amazon Alexa device to deliver a variety of voice-driven services. Elavon is the exclusive... » Read more

Sharks to add teeth with crypto embrace

San Jose Sharks to accept crypto currency

The San Jose Sharks (US) will become the first National Hockey League (NHL) team to accept cryptocurrency payments, thus getting on the bandwagon of other pro sports teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) in embracing digital currency. The ‘New York... » Read more

German sports club FCK walking a tightrope

Kaiserslautern Stadion

The German sports club – 1. FC Kaiserslautern (FCK) in southwest Germany – has been caught in the COVID-19 vortex. Media reports stated that the Palatinate “want to discontinue the lease payments for the Fritz Walter Stadium until further notice”. This already applies to the current... » Read more

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