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Swanky SAP Garden slated for September opening

SAP Garden opening in September

Its official: On September 27th, the SAP Garden in Munich (Germany) will open its doors to the public for the first time – and with a bang! ‘Red Bull Muenchen’ stated that the professional ice hockey team Red Bull Munich will kick off the opening weekend from September 27th-29th with a... » Read more

Carolina Panthers to ‘growl’ in Allianz Arena

NFL will return to Allianz Arena

American football is coming back to the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, as the National Football League (NFL) returns to the Bundesliga giants FC Bayern Munich’s home stadium with a regular-season game in 2024. The home team this year is the Carolina Panthers. ‘FC Bayern München’ quoted... » Read more

Open-air concerts to pulsate Allianz Arena?

Cooperation between Olympiapark and Allianz Arena in Munich

As the Munich Olympic Stadium in Germany is undergoing renovations, the Allianz Arena and the Olympiapark München GmbH (OMG), the holding company that manages the Olympic Stadium in Munich, has struck a deal on the basis of which the OMG can hold open-air concerts in the Allianz Arena when the... » Read more

Bayern in fraternity with ‘Red Deaf’ fans

Bayern Munich team presentation now in sign-language

From now on, when the team lineup is read out at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Bavaria (Germany), the Bundesliga giants FC Bayern Munich and their Coach Thomas Tuchel will present their names in sign language in videos on the stadium display board. ‘FC Bayern Munich’ stated that the signs were... » Read more

Munich Olympic Park extensive rejig plans

Olympiastadion Muenchen Renovierungszeitplan steht fest

The City Council has decided to take up extensive remodeling work of the Olympic Park in Munich, Germany. ‘Olympiapark München’ quoted Verena Dietl, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Olympiapark München GmbH and Sports Mayor of the City of Munich as stating, “I am very pleased that the... » Read more

FC Bayern Basketball ‘ride’ high with BMW deal

FC Bayern Basketball naming rights

The FC Bayern München Basketball players are now playing and training in the BMW Park – the new name of the Rudi Sedlmayer Hall in Munich, Germany, which was built for the 1972 Olympic basketball tournament. ‘FC Bayern Basketball’ stated that the new name is part of the comprehensive... » Read more

SAP Garden ‘topping out ceremony’ rip-roaring

Richtfest im SAP Garden

A very unconventional kind of adrenaline-rush ‘topping-out ceremony’ took place at the SAP Garden construction site in Munich (Germany) on the occasion of the completion of their roof structure recently. ‘SAP garden’ stated that two Red Bull Skydive pilots – Marco Waltenspiel and Max... » Read more