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France Meinau Stadium rejig work set to begin

Racing Strasbourg starts stadium redevelopment

Renovation work on the Meinau Stadium in Strasbourg, France, will begin in the Summer of 2023. The rejig work is scheduled to be over within three years. ‘francebleu.fr’ stated that the redecoration work will see the Meinau Stadium capacity rise to 32,000 from the present strength of... » Read more

Rhénus Sport project to be resuscitated

Strasbourg Rhenus arena re-launched

The Rhénus Sport project (France) – which was lying in the cans – got a fresh lease of life recently. ‘stades.info’ stated that the Strasbourg Eurometropolis unanimously voted to pay a deposit of 700,000 euros on the 7.8 million subsidies intended for this project. Rhénus Sport... » Read more

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