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MLS Green goals initiatives within communities

MLS green initiatives

  Greener Goals The Major League Soccer (MLS) (US) is committed to taking steps to address its environmental impacts and raise awareness of sustainability initiatives within the local communities. ‘Major League Soccer’ stated that the MLS will continue to explore opportunities to reduce... » Read more

CBS Arena-SKOOT counter carbon partnership

Coventry Building Society Arena green initiative

The Coventry Building Society Arena, one of the Midlands’ (UK) premier event venues, has unveiled a new partnership with the sustainability platform SKOOT. ‘STARTUPS MAGAZINE’ stated that the carbon reduction partnership program called ‘32F’ will see both companies work together with an... » Read more

Twickenham ‘twinkle’ on sustainability front

Accreditation for Twickenham Stadium

The Twickenham Stadium in Twickenham (UK), the home of England rugby, has further underlined its sustainability credentials with the receipt of another accreditation, this time from Greengage through its ECOsmart initiative. ‘Twickenham Stadium’ stated that the venue achieved Gold Standard from... » Read more

US colleges’ sustainability steps postmortem

Sustainability within the largest college football stadiums

The college football season is now on in full swing in the United States and there have already been plenty of surprises, total shocks and moments that made our jaws drop. While there is a ton of exciting action happening on the field, there are important moves taking place off it around these... » Read more

Budapest 23 above-and-beyond Green steps

Green initiatives at World Athletics in Budapest

With sustainability taking on an increasingly important role in the delivery of its events, the World Athletics has teamed up with the organizers of the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 (Hungary) to create a series of initiatives to help reduce the event’s environmental impact and... » Read more

Community upgrade-sustainability OVG essence

Mark Donnelly at Coliseum EUROPE 2023

Mark Donnelly is a top honcho at the Oak View Group (OVG) in United Kingdom and his observations best mirrors the set of values which forms the essence of his organization.Full presentation available exclusively for Coliseum membersApply for membership LOGIN ... » Read more

UEFA holistic approach to sustainability

Vincent Reulet at Coliseum Europe 2023

In a world sitting on the global warming bomb, sustainability is an issue which pushes all the hot buttons. Almost all organizations today are driven by sustainability objectives and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is the cornerstone.Full presentation available exclusively for Coliseum... » Read more