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UK-Ireland EURO 2028 bid 10-stadia-list

UK and Ireland bid for EURO 2028 without Old Trafford

Two unfinished stadiums – including one that has not been used since 2013 – are part of the United Kingdom and Ireland’s final bid to co-host EURO 2028 that was submitted to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) recently. ‘The Guardian’ stated that redevelopment work... » Read more

UK-Ireland joint bid for Euro 2028

UK and Ireland to launch bid for EURO 2028

The home nations (nations of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom) and Ireland are to launch a joint bid for the men’s European Championship in 2028 after plans to host the 2030 World Cup were abandoned. ‘The Guardian’ stated that the decision was made after a feasibility study... » Read more

UEFA spectacle hosts’ announcement in 2023

Bidding process started for EURO 2028

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has announced that its member-associations interested in hosting UEFA Euro 2028 have until March 2022 to declare their interest, with the appointment of the host(s) set to take place in September 2023. The ‘UEFA’ stated that UEFA Euro 2028 is... » Read more

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