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Sports venue sector braces up to COVID-19

1_Corona virus and sporting events postponed IV

Coronavirus has come as the biggest curse for mankind in 2020 and has had a disastrous effect on the world with people living on the edge. The sports venue sector has also been hugely affected with sporting events impacted globally. With events canceled or postponed, revenue streams are drying... » Read more

Stadiums put best foot forward as COVID-19 body bags pile up

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Coronavirus cases have reached a crescendo the world over. COVID-19 cases globally have reached 1,607, 595 and body bags are piling up – the death toll stand at 95,785. As hospitals are overwhelmed due to the deadly virus, sports stadiums around the world are being converted into makeshift... » Read more

Coronavirus fear empties sports venues around the world

Coronavirus and Sporting venues

With coronavirus disease (COVID-19) baring its fangs all over the globe, it has also had a rippling effect on the sports venue sector. It has impacted the staging of sporting events around the world and the virus has almost brought the world to a standstill.   Empty stadiums Covid-19 has made... » Read more