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Enter a dream world in ‘Theatre of Dreams’

Old Trafford upgrade

The Premier League club Manchester United has completed costly revamp of changing rooms and media facilities at its home facility – Old Trafford in England (UK). ‘We All Follow United’ stated that it is multimillion revamp of the facilities available at the club’s legendary Old Trafford... » Read more

‘The Red Devils’ in no hurry to revamp home

Possible updates on Old Trafford

Premier League club Manchester United (UK) insists they are “open” to expanding their residence – Old Trafford – but have made it clear that presently there are no plans to do so. The ‘Manchester Evening News’ stated that United have not increased Old Trafford since the... » Read more

Man United gets nod on barrier seating pilot

Manchester United seating change

English Premier League football club Manchester United has got the go-ahead to proceed with the pilot run of barrier seating at Old Trafford. The club hopes to complete the work in time when fans will be able to return to the stadium once again after the coronavirus dust settles down. The club held... » Read more

Man United keeps fingers crossed on rail seating bid

Manchester United Safe Standing

Manchester United – has officially submitted their application to create its first safe standing section at Old Trafford. The 76,000-capacity football stadium Old Trafford is the home facility of The Red Devils. Old Trafford is likely to be the third Premier League stadium to boast a safe... » Read more

Manchester United looking to ‘rejuvenate’ Old Trafford

Manchester United looking to ‘rejuvenate’ Old Trafford

Manchester United football club is aiming to come up with a new-look infrastructure and to this end they will take on a comprehensive strategic review exercise of their home arena – Old Trafford Stadium – as well as the Carrington training facility. The Executive Vice-Chairman of Manchester... » Read more

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