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Cubs-Reds in 2022 Field of Dreams game

Field of Dreams game 2022

The Major League Baseball (MLB) teams Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds will meet in the 2022 edition of Major League Baseball’s ‘Field of Dreams’ game in Dyersville, Iowa (US), according to multiple reports. The ‘ESPN’ stated that this year’s inaugural game featured the New York Yankees... » Read more

A game for which fans gave their right arm!

Field of Dreams ticket prices

Fans paid through their nose to taste a scoop of nostalgia. Baseball celebrated the myth of its rural roots when the Major League Baseball (MLB) team New York Yankees took on their peer team the Chicago White Sox on August 12th in a game adjacent to the field in rural Dyersville, Iowa (US),... » Read more

MLB game to be played in Hollywood settings

Field of Dreams ready for MLB action

The Major League Baseball (MLB) (US) teams New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will play at a facility near to a property in Iowa where the shoot of the Hollywood flick ‘Field of Dreams’ took place. ‘The Deadline’ stated that both the teams will meet at Iowa on August 12th at a special... » Read more

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