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Iraq Nasiriyah Stadium new lease on life

Urcu Grup to re-start Iraq project

The Urcu Group, which operates in many sectors on a national and international scale, from construction to energy, from health to aviation, has embarked on a stadium project in Iraq – which has been gathering dust – with its wealth of experience. ‘Haber7.com’ stated that within the... » Read more

UK-Ireland, Italy-Turkey lands UEFA showpieces

UEFA confirms hosts for EURO 2028 and 2032

The United Kingdom and Ireland will host the 2028 European Championship, while Italy and Turkey will stage the 2032 edition of the tournament, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) announced on October 10th. ‘REUTERS’ stated that by accepting a joint Italy-Turkey bid for EURO 2032... » Read more

Turkey ‘bid’ to merge EURO 2032 bid with Italy

Joint bid for EURO 2032

Turkey has requested to merge its bid to host EURO 2032 with Italy, potentially boosting the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland’s chances of hosting the tournament in 2028. ‘BBC’ stated that while Italy had only bid for the 2032 tournament, Turkey had bid to host both EURO 2028 and... » Read more

Galatasaray nets plum naming rights deal

Galatasaray stadium naming rights

The Turkish professional football club Galatasaray S.K. announced recently that it has signed a contract with the construction company Rams Global for the title sponsorship of their home stadium – the Nef Stadyumu in Turkey. ‘RAILLY NEWS’ stated that the Galatasaray’s stadium will... » Read more

Fans left high ‘n’ dry at UEFA show in Turkey

Again chaos for fans at Champions League Final

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) are facing more pressure about their ability to stage major events, as another Champions League final descended into “dangerous” chaos, and supporters complained that the situation again put their safety at risk. ‘INDEPENDENT’ stated that... » Read more

Turkey club Galatasaray home capacity rise

Galatasaray Stadium to increase capacity

The Turkish professional football club Galatasaray S.K. Board Member Bora Bahçetepe stated that plans have been drawn out to increase the capacity of the Galatasaray residence – the Nef Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. ‘SPOR ARENA’ stated that the greater scheme of things also include the... » Read more

Russia, Turkey in the running for Euro 2028

UK and Ireland to host 2028 also Russia and Turkey

Russia and Turkey have joined the UK and Ireland in declaring an interest to host Euro 2028. Russia and Turkey have also declared an interest in hosting Euro 2032, with Italy rivaling them for that edition of the European Championships. The ‘CNBC’ stated that it had seemed a joint bid from the... » Read more