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Allegiant Stadium lands Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in 2024

Its official: Super Bowl LVIII is headed to Las Vegas (US). The ‘NFL’ stated that Raiders’ owner Mark Davis announced recently that the sport’s biggest spectacle will be held inside of the haute Allegiant Stadium, the home of the National Football League (NFL) team Las Vegas Raiders, on... » Read more

NFL 2022 Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium

ProBowl tickets on sale

The 2022 Pro Bowl presented by the American wireless network operator Verizon is headed to Las Vegas (US) and fans can now secure tickets for all the action and see the National Football League’s (NFL’s) biggest and brightest stars represent their team, their City and their fan base. The... » Read more

Chartbusters fever pitch show at Death Star

Two epic shows at Allegiant Stadium

Come February 2022 and two of the most iconic names in music history are taking over the alluring Allegiant Stadium (US) in Las Vegas for one epic weekend. The ‘Allegiant Stadium’ stated that the weekend kicks February 25th, 2022 with an unforgettable performance from one of the most... » Read more

Spend meaningful moments in ‘Death Star’

Allegiant Stadium for special occasions

Allegiant Stadium (US) is the perfect spot to spend one’s treasured moments in life. The ‘Allegiant Stadium’ stated that the ‘Death Star’ is redefining the way one celebrates one’s special occasion. With options for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, proposals, and celebration... » Read more

‘Death Star’ do the best in community works

Community board visits Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium (US) created its first Community Advisory Board and welcomed Board Members to the stadium for a tour. Spearheaded by Allegiant Stadium’s Community Affairs Department, the purpose of the Community Advisory Board is to assist Allegiant Stadium in the creation of programs and... » Read more

Raiders preseason marred with pricey parking

First game at Allegiant Stadium

The National Football League (NFL) team Las Vegas Raiders’ preseason kickoff at Allegiant Stadium (US) on August 14th where for the first time, the Raider Nation was allowed inside the spiffy stadium against the match against their peer team Seattle Seahawks. The Raiders won the pre-season opener... » Read more

Mask mandatory policy shadow on ‘Death Star’

Mask mandate effects event bookings at Allegiant

Allegiant Stadium (US) lost two potential sellout events after the Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, issued a new indoor mask mandatory policy late last month. The above step has been initiated taking into consideration the fact that of late, the United States has seen a huge upsurge in Delta... » Read more

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