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Walsall F.C. finally break free from tenancy

Walsall FC acquires Poundland Bescot Stadium

The EFL League Two team Walsall Football Club (WFC) announced on December 16th, 2022 that it has executed its option to acquire its home ground – the Poundland Bescot Stadium in Walsall, England (UK) – thus ending decades of tenancy. ‘Walsall FC’ stated that the club is now the... » Read more

Villa Park Phase One revamp greenlighted

Go ahead for Aston Villa stadium expansion

The Premier League team Aston Villa F.C. today (December 22nd, 2022) welcomed the Birmingham City Council’s decision to grant planning permission for Phase One of the club’s redevelopment and expansion of their residence – the Villa Park in Birmingham, England (UK). ‘Aston Villa’... » Read more

UEFA talk tough over UK, Ireland EURO 2028 bid

UEFA not sure about UK 2028 bid anymore

The leaders of United Kingdom and Ireland’s bid to host EURO 2028 have been warned that the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is growing frustrated over delays in agreeing guarantees around policing, airports, tax exemptions, and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England... » Read more

Sight-to-behold brick-clad Everton Stadium

Everton FC stadium update Nov 2022

More than half a million bricks will clad Everton Stadium in Liverpool, England (UK) in a stunning design that perfectly complements the industrial dockside surroundings. ‘Everton FC’ stated that the first of 731 brick façade panels have already been installed in the North West corner of the... » Read more

Portman Road Stadium second phase revamp

Portman Road Ipswich Town next development phase

The EFL League One team Ipswich Town F.C. has submitted plans to complete further work to their residence – the Portman Road Stadium in Ipswich, England (UK) – and the surrounding areas of the stadium. ‘Ipswich Town Football Club’ stated that the current proposals comprise the... » Read more

CBS Arena stadium business in dire straits

Coventry Building Society Arena

Bondholders owed £35m by the Wasps Rugby Football Club (UK) have been asked for more money as the threat of liquidation looms over the Coventry Building Society Arena stadium business. ‘BBC Sport’ stated that a letter from bondholder trustee, US Bank Trustees Limited, to bondholders said the... » Read more

New Everton Stadium as EURO 2028 venue

EURO 2028 status update on English stadiums

The United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland are strong favorites to win their joint bid to host the UEFA European Championship in 2028. ‘FanNation Futbol’ stated that England would host the majority of games at EURO 2028 under the proposal. The 2028 Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)... » Read more