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Canterbury Multi-Use Arena capacity increase

Christchurch arena with 30000 seats approved

The Christchurch City Council (New Zealand) has voted to restore the seating capacity of the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena to 30,000. The ‘Christchurch City Council’ stated that the arena will be able to host up to 41,000 people for concerts. The Canterbury Multi-Use Arena (CMUA) is a multiuse... » Read more

Crown-City Council to fund Christchurch venue

New Zealand Christchurch new stadium funding

The Christchurch City Council in New Zealand and the Crown has agreed to jointly inject funds for a new stadium in the City. Both parties agreed to pump in a total of NZ$473 million towards the cost of building the new venue. The Council has committed $253 million and the Crown $220 million. Early... » Read more

Christchurch may get new stadium within five years

Christchurch may get new stadium within five years

The 25,000-seat roofed stadium in Christchurch (New Zealand) is likely to get ready within five years. However, pressure is mounting vis-a-vis a perfect planning and building the facility in the right way. It has a $473m budget, out of which $80m could be sliced off the price if everything goes on... » Read more

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