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Texas Rangers awarded 2024 Midsummer Classic

MLB 2024 All-Star Game at Globe Life Field

The All-Star Game is returning to Texas (US). ‘MLB’ stated that the Major League Baseball (MLB) team Texas Rangers has been awarded the 2024 All-Star Game presented by Mastercard, the Major League Baseball announced on November 17th. The Rangers will host the Midsummer Classic at their home... » Read more

‘A’s’ ballpark project passes EIR acid test

Oakland A’s ballpark take step forward

A ruling made recently could turn out to be game-changing for Oakland in California (US) and the Major League Baseball (MLB) team Oakland Athletics in their quest for a new waterfront ballpark at Howard Terminal in Oakland. ‘NBC Sports’ stated that in April, three lawsuits by the East Oakland... » Read more

MLB first regular-season games in Mexico City

MLB will play games in Mexico

The Major League Baseball (MLB) announced recently that there will be a series in Mexico City (Mexico) for the first time – in the regular season – next year. The MLB teams San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants will do battle for a two-game series in the Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium... » Read more

Pricey MLB fixtures dwindle attendance

Tiger Stadium

A report on the expense to take a family to the ole ballpark made the rounds recently, and it’s a good reminder just how pricey it can be to have a pretty standard experience. ‘Bleacher Nation’ stated that it’s also a reminder that the 41,649-capacity Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois... » Read more

MLB bid to expand footprint in UK

MLB to return to London Stadium

Major League Baseball (MLB) (US) is to return to London (UK) with regular season games taking place in 2023, 2024 and 2026. The ‘BBC Sport’ stated that the move was announced as part of a partnership to try to grow the game in the United Kingdom. The Major League Baseball (MLB) is a... » Read more

Angel Stadium project run into rough weather

Los Angeles Angels stadium update October 2021

When the Major League Baseball (MLB) team Los Angeles Angels (US) pitched a mixed-use development of the facility, it hovered around on a new or renovated Angel Stadium. The project has huge potential, however, it is facing innumerable challenges both at the State and regulatory level. The... » Read more

Marketing wizard storm the MLB bastion

Karin Timpone EVP CMO for MLB

Karin Timpone, a marketing veteran who has steered brand strategy for companies such as Marriott International (American multinational company), The Walt Disney Company (American entertainment company) and Universal Studios (film studio in Hollywood), is joining Major League Baseball (MLB) (US) as... » Read more