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24/7 Software exalt SoFi Stadium experience

Elevate fan experience at SoFi Stadium with 24/7 Software

The SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California (US) has leveraged the software company 24/7 Software’s Partner Integrations and Advanced Analytics solutions to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences and maintain their status as the industry leaders through improved... » Read more

24/7 Software’s COVID-19 ‘Guide’ a boon

Jacob Molz, VP, Marketing & Sales Operations, 24/7 Software and ‘COVID-19 Best Practices Guide 2020’

The COVID-19 crisis is holding the whole world to ransom. It is causing death, inconvenience, and great physical and economic suffering. Livelihoods have been lost and the virus has left a trail of death. The worst sufferers are the marginalized section of the society who is facing the... » Read more

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