UK overdrive on safe sports grounds

Safe standing allowed in UK from January 2022

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston (UK) instructed the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) on September 22nd to take the first steps in creating licensed standing areas at Premier League and Championship clubs from January 1st. The ‘Sports Grounds Safety Authority’ stated that football clubs... » Read more

Man United keeps fingers crossed on rail seating bid

Manchester United Safe Standing

Manchester United – has officially submitted their application to create its first safe standing section at Old Trafford. The 76,000-capacity football stadium Old Trafford is the home facility of The Red Devils. Old Trafford is likely to be the third Premier League stadium to boast a safe... » Read more

Britain’s SGSA launches new Green Guide

SGSA Green Guide

Britain’s Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) launched the updated Green Guide to safety on November 5, according to their official website. The Green Guide is a manual to help sports ground owners and operators to maintain the safety parameters throughout their venues. According to SGSA, the... » Read more

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