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Wembley goes inclusive with sensory rooms

Wembley Stadium to install sensory rooms

The Wembley Stadium (UK) has opened two new multipurpose sensory rooms to better accommodate neurodivergent guests for matchdays and live events. The ‘Access All Areas’ stated that the new rooms at the 90,000-capacity venue, which is owned by the Football Association (FA), has been created to... » Read more

OVG tasked with Wembley sponsorship blitz

Oak View Group partners with Wembley and Jaguars

Wembley Stadium, home of England’s (UK) national soccer team as well as other major matches and events, has contracted the US sports and entertainment facilities company Oak View Group (OVG) to increase and diversify its sponsorship portfolio and content output. The ‘sportcal’ stated that... » Read more

Jaguars to jingle FA cash registers

Jaguars to play again in Wembley this year

The National Football League (NFL) will return to Wembley (UK) for the first time in three years this Autumn providing a £2 million boost to the Football Association’s (FA) (ruling body for English football) finances. The ‘Daily Mail’ stated that the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed... » Read more

Euro 2020 final: Wembley ‘moment of shame’

Final findings released about EURO 2020 final at Wembley

An independent Review of events surrounding the UEFA Euro 2020 Final ‘Euro Sunday’ at Wembley Stadium on July 11th, 2020 was carried out by Baroness Casey of Blackstock DBE CB, a British Government official working in social welfare. It was indeed a ‘shame moment’ not only for the whole of... » Read more

Capacity crowd in UK venues boon or bane?

England on high risk road

England has announced capacity crowd for the upcoming sporting extravaganzas – British Grand Prix and the Wimbledon Finals, and 60,000 fans at Wembley for Euro 2020 which is presently underway. The above announcement comes as music to the ears for ‘cooped up’ fans, players, stadia... » Read more

UK ‘cave in’ to UEFA to keep final at Wembley

Wembley in danger to loose EURO 2020 final

With the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) putting its foot down and threatening to move the European Championship final from Wembley (UK) to Budapest (Hungary) over the quarantine clause for 2,500 VIP officials, people in charge are doing “as much as we possibly can” to... » Read more

Opulent premiere for Bond flick in UK venue?

James Bond premiere at Wembley Stadium

As is the case with other events, COVID-19 has also cast its long shadow on the film world globally. After a year of waiting with bated breath, the producers of the James Bond flick – ‘No Time To Die’ – are keen to premiere the movie in a star-studded show at a stadium like the Wembley... » Read more