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Fiscal aid to ensure MHPArena EURO 2024 venue

Another 20 Million for Stuttgart stadium

The City of Stuttgart has approved an additional funding package of €20m (£17.1m/$21.8m) in an effort to ensure the MHPArena retains its place as a host stadium for Germany’s staging of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) EURO 2024. ‘STUTTGARTER NACHRICHTEN’ stated that the... » Read more

Porsche-MHP-Benz ‘tech-drive’ Stuttgart growth

VfB Stuttgart stadium naming rights

The Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart (Germany) has mainly agreed on a sponsorship deal with the local car manufacturer Porsche and the consultancy firm MHP Management- und IT Beratung (MHP) that it says could yield more than 100 million euros ($110 million). ‘AP’ stated that Mercedes-Benz will... » Read more

Mercedes-Benz Arena doll up for Euro 2024

Construction has started in Stuttgart

Futuristic touch is being lent to the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart, Germany, and the price tag of the entire repurposing work stands at circa 100 million euros. The ‘SWR Sport’ stated that the arena is being all dolled up as it will stage five matches of Euro 2024. The 2024 Union of... » Read more

It’s foxes’ day out at Mercedes-Benz Arena!

Foxes harry Stuttgart stadium

Foxes are harrying the home turf of the Bundesliga team VfB Stuttgart – the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart, Germany. The ‘Hamburger Mor Gen Post’ stated that it is a typical case of wily foxes having a field day at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Fox faeces are littered all over the stands and... » Read more

Mercedes-Benz Arena facelift on the horizon

Stuttgart Mercedes Benz Arena

The Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart, Germany, is a jewel in the crown of Stuttgart and the pride of the entire region. The main grandstand of the stadium – built in 1974 – will undergo EUR 65 million reconfiguration for Euro 2024. The construction work is expected to start in the early part of... » Read more

Mercedes-Benz Arena to be revamped for EURO 2024

Stuttgart Mercedes Benz Arena

The 60,449-seat Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart will be upgraded for the EURO 2024 in Germany. In the near future, the lease payments of VfB will increase. Around 65 million euros will be raised for the upgradation work. The Mercedes-Benz Arena will get 20 million euros in form of subsidy for the... » Read more