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Swanky SAP Garden slated for September opening

SAP Garden opening in September

Its official: On September 27th, the SAP Garden in Munich (Germany) will open its doors to the public for the first time – and with a bang! ‘Red Bull Muenchen’ stated that the professional ice hockey team Red Bull Munich will kick off the opening weekend from September 27th-29th with a... » Read more

SAP Garden ‘topping out ceremony’ rip-roaring

Richtfest im SAP Garden

A very unconventional kind of adrenaline-rush ‘topping-out ceremony’ took place at the SAP Garden construction site in Munich (Germany) on the occasion of the completion of their roof structure recently. ‘SAP garden’ stated that two Red Bull Skydive pilots – Marco Waltenspiel and Max... » Read more

Visitors take a dekko of SAP Garden

SAP Garden Munich from inside

Recently, visitors were given a glance of the SAP Garden which is presently under construction in Munich, Germany. The SAP Garden is a new multipurpose sports arena which is being built on the site of the former Olympic cycling track stadium in Munich Olympic Park owned by the Red Bull... » Read more

SAP Garden not to hold 2024 handball showcase

Delayed SAP Garden causes issues for host city Munich

The organizers of the 2024 European Handball Championship in Germany is looking for a new location. As the German Handball Association (DHB) announced recently, the SAP Garden in Munich will not be ready in time for the continental title fights due to “acute shortage of skilled... » Read more

Pandemic shadow on SAP Garden opening

Opening of SAP Garden Munich postponed

The opening of the 11,500-capacity SAP Garden in Munich (Germany) has been postponed to 2023. As COVID-19 onslaught continues in several parts of the world, and Germany too taking the hit, the stadium cannot open its doors in the latter half of 2022. The opening of the new home of the ice hockey... » Read more

‘Bulls’ to hit ‘bull’s’ eye with spiffy arena

Munich SAP Garden cornerstone laid

German premier ice hockey club EHC Red Bull Munich and basketball team Bayern Munich can look forward to new ultra modern accommodation at SAP Garden, a new 11,500-capacity indoor stadium in Germany, scheduled for completion in 2022. SAP Garden is a planned 11,500-capacity indoor arena, to be built... » Read more

‘Groundwater issue’ delays Munich facility opening

Contaminated groundwater has reportedly put off the opening of the multimillion dollar Munich SAP Garden.

Contaminated groundwater has reportedly put off the opening of the multimillion dollar Munich SAP Garden. The 11,500-capacity indoor arena planned at Munich in Germany – which will be home to DEL club EHC Red Bull Munich (ice hockey team) and the basketball players of FC Bayern Munich –... » Read more

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