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Daktronics introduces new solution Image: Daktronics

The sign manufacturing company Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota (US) unveiled Live Channel, a new comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with and controls digital media networks in live event and sporting venues.

‘DAKTRONICS’ stated that the technology is an extension of Daktronics Show Control System and Venus Control Suite allowing operators to create an immersive, engaging gameday experience across all digital screens in a facility.

Daktronics is an American company based in Brookings, South Dakota, that designs, manufactures, sells, and services video displays, scoreboards, digital billboards, dynamic message signs, sound systems, and related products. It was founded in 1968 by two South Dakota State University Professors.

Daktronics helps its customers to impact their audiences throughout the world with large-format light-emitting diode (LED) video displays, message displays, scoreboards, digital billboards, and audio systems and control systems in sport, business and transportation applications. Founded in 1968 as a US-based manufacturing company, Daktronics has grown into a world leader in audiovisual systems and implementation with offices around the globe.

The Daktronics Show Control Software provides a complete control solution. With the Show Control Software, an operator can instantly deliver multimedia to multiple video displays, auxiliary displays and marquees throughout a facility.

The Daktronics Venus Control Suite is the software solution for scheduled content available in both cloud-based and hosted options. It is used in all levels of commercial applications as the primary software and is used in sports applications for select functions.

Said Bill Hadsell, Daktronics Product Manager, “We are thrilled to introduce this gamechanging product to our customers. The Live Channel represents a significant leap forward in digital media network management as a complete platform for teams and sponsors to elevate the gameday experience, connect with their fans and generate revenue. It’s all in the box!”

Integrating and Leveraging Live Channel

‘DAKTRONICS’ further stated that the Live Channel integrates seamlessly with the LED control systems at venues of any size. Whether hosting a large sporting event or a community gathering, the Live Channel can help create an engaging and memorable venuewide experience for one’s audience.

Capable of broadcasting live game video, game-in-progress statistics and advertisements to radio frequency (RF) and Internet Protocol (IP) televisions throughout the venue, the Live Channel is a versatile solution. Optimized for low latency, it ensures that the live game action has near instantaneous playback on all digital signage in a facility. It also features two channels of input and output allowing for more advertising revenue potential as each channel can play independent branded content.

Radio Frequency (RF) Television refers to the method of transmitting video and audio signals over the airwaves using radio frequency waves. It is one of the most common methods used to broadcast television signals allowing viewers to receive and watch various channels on their television sets.

Internet Protocol (IP) Television is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol networks. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional terrestrial, satellite and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, the IPTV offers the ability to stream the source media continuously.

The Live Channel comes equipped with comprehensive playback reporting for advertising tracking purposes and, through Venus Control Suite integration, can be easily managed from anywhere at any time.

Concluded Hadsell, “With Live Channel, the venue owners and operators can take their live event experience to the next level by providing an engaging and memorable experience for their fans through live triggered or scheduled content while also tracking advertising revenue for improved monetization strategies for their advertisers.”

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