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Yasin Patel who holds the post of Sales Manager, ProVisit, UK, is adept in the art of explaining and takes into account even the tiniest detail. For almost 13 years, he has been part of Lesar UK LTD and has grown with the company and was at one point of time managing the whole Sales team.

Five years back, the team started ProVisit – its own Contractor and Visitor Management System!

His role requires him to work with customers on a consultancy basis, to analyze their current system and provide bespoke solutions that save time, money and guarantees full compliance with current Health and Safety Legislation whilst ensuring they increase their overall security on site.

Patel is also a specialist in I.D. and Security with over 12 years of experience. He has been part of the evolution of how the industry has provided the best solutions that ensure enhanced security, full compliance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health and Safety Legislation regarding Visitor/Contractor Management, and Safety at Work.


ProVisit is a self-hosted visitor management system designed to improve site security, manage visitors, employees and contractors. ProVisit facilitates to welcome your visitors on site with an easy to use touch screen system which is branded with your company logo and colors. Visitors are guided through the entire sign-in process making the experience simple and welcoming.

ProVisit for employees


Tap and go QR code check-in system

See who’s coming to site and confirm their health status. Manage time, attendance and occupancy levels using ProVisit’s unique dashboard.

ProVisit for visitors


Pre-book your visitors

Create an invite which includes visitor details, date, location, and time of visit. Send attachments and health declarations to issue a unique QR code for contactless entry.

ProVisit for Contractors


The all-in-one contractor management system

Save time and money with a system that integrates contractor inductions, document checks, onboarding and electronic Permit-to-Work with the sign-in process.

ProVisit for Coronavirus


Complete an offsite induction course

Keep your workplace safe, COVID-free and minimize interaction time with offsite induction courses for your visitors, contractors and employees. Complete questionnaires long before their visit.

ProVisit in a nutshell:

  • Accreditation passes;
  • Online inductions;
  • See who’s on-site;
  • Time and attendance;
  • Document checks; and
  • Emergency roll call.

In a gripping interaction exclusively with ‘Coliseum’, Yasin Patel explains step-by-step ProVisit’s new All-in-one Accreditation system for guests, contractors and employees for use at any event or organization. He also spells out the challenges which ProVisit faced when their product was deployed at the Saudi International Golf Tournament.

Yasin Patel commented that today a lot of stadia all over the globe are pieces of architectural marvel with cutting-edge technology and premium facilities on offer for its guests. But, he asserted that no event or a stadium can run without a contractor – “We all need contractors and unfortunately for the contractors, they have to rely on a system which is archaic, it’s cumbersome and has to manage with spreadsheets.”

It is here that the ProVisit products come as a boon for the contractors where solution is kind of a click away.

He informed that the ProVisit product is being deployed at the Saudi International Golf Tournament since 2020 – “They even used it in 2021 and in 2022.”

The Saudi International is an Asian Tour golf tournament held at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia, and is organized by IMG. The title sponsor of the tournament is the Public Investment Fund, a Saudi Government sovereign wealth fund.

Informed Patel, “ProVisit is a product of Lesar UK Limited which was founded in the year 2000 and I have been a part of this for about 13 years now.”

‘Tee’thing troubles

The first professional golf event in Saudi Arabia – the Saudi International – was held in 2019 “Much before COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world and the ProVisit product was used in this spectacle. We had landed a lucrative project. The International Management Group (IMG) was working with Saudi International to organize this golf showcase event. The Middle East has opened up its purse strings trying to bring all these sporting events to the region. They had first used our product for guest and VIP services at a golf tournament held in the United Kingdom. The IMG and the people running the Saudi International show approached us as they saw the flexibility within our system. However, they wanted us to be even more flexible. At that point of time, the ProVisit product was only confined to ‘ProVisit for Employees’.”

He further narrated, “As contractors, we were still not familiar with the IMG and the Saudi International style of working. They hired the services of one company to train the contractors. Once the training is over, they are then referred to a separate company who would look out for all the documentations like licensing, insurances, etc. And once that is done, they will then be passed to a separate department who would then give the accreditation in terms of the ID card or a QR code and then it would be passed to a different department for the time and attendance, etc.”

Patel further stated that the contractors slowly started to come in grip with the entire modus operandi “But we knew it was not going to be a smooth ride as we did not even have the contract in place. And then coronavirus struck like a bolt from the blue. We now had to keep all the COVID rules in mind and give topmost priority to the safety quotient of the contractors as well as the visitors who were key ingredients of our project. We started having second thoughts on whether our project would be a success amidst the ruckus which the pandemic had created.”

He said they started off “literally from the bunker” (a term used in golf which is a “specially prepared area intended to test the player’s ability to play a ball from the sand.”) and Patel and his team were totally at sea.


  • Language barrier – The Saudi International was hiring the services of contractors from countries where English was not the primary language – “Most of the contractors were fluent in Hindi or in Arabic. So, that was one huge challenge.”; and
  • COVID cloud – Saudi International wanted to stop the site induction training they were imparting to the contractors of the third party company due to the COVID-19 threat looming large – “They were no longer comfortable with the idea of having 100-200 contractors sitting together in one room and getting trained on stuffs like daily health declarations, profile auditing to confirm whether an individual’s license is up to date and obviously then denying access site, etc.”


Advantage ProVisit


Familiar group

Patel further elaborated that if the Stadium Manager has personal terms with a set of contractors and with whom he or she works and interacts on a regular basis, then these contractors are familiar with the site on where they will start work. But, if these contractors are visiting the site for the first time when the ProVisit product is being used to manage the stadium and the event – this could be either the PG tours or the Saudi International – and since these contractors are known to the Stadium Manager, the latter will send an invitation to them via email or sms. If it is by email, the invite will include everything that he or she needs to know about his or her visit.

He added, “There will be an attachment to that invite on COVID safety, there will be an attachment regarding the site rules, site safety, etc., but also on that invitation there will be a link for him or her to click and access the pre-induction course. So, instead of doing this course crammed up in a room with 300 people which is a COVID nightmare, he or she will end up doing the same course in the safety of their own homes via mobile phones, tablets or laptops. So, digitalization has indeed come as a boon.”

Unfamiliar group

The group of contractors whom the Stadium Manager does not know, he will try to get familiar with them as they have all been employed by companies with which the Stadium Manager is associated with or familiar with. So, instead of sending them a link directly to them, he or she will send the registration link to their respective companies and the companies will in return forward that link to the contractors – “Obviously, we are in the Middle East and with diverse communities residing in the region, different languages are spoken here. So, the first thing that the contractors will have to do is select his or her own preferred language, for instance, Arabic. Now that he or she has registered in Arabic, the entire information will be provided to him or her in Arabic, he or she will then go through the entire pre-induction in Arabic or if one opts for Hindi, it will all be in Hindi, so on, and so forth. Once everybody has completed the course, the Stadium Manager will receive a notification stating that 200 new applicants have successfully completed the relevant courses.”

Totally foolproof

Patel asserted that the beauty of the ProVisit product is that it is very flexible. One can set a specific course for a hardware contractor, a different course for the contractor dealing in electrical works. Everything is bespoke – “Now that the group of contractors are through with these courses, they are extended an invite to turn upon site on Monday January 31st. It’s Day One of the contract and the first thing in the morning after he or she wakes up is check the phone. As soon as you open your phone, to your surprise you have an email from Saudi International Golf Tournament. You look at the email and you realize it’s a COVID declaration and the declaration we can customize wherever you want but in a nutshell it will say that I do not have COVID, I do not have continuous cough, I am not running a temperature, I have done a PCR test, whatever you want to include on that, there will be a big ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ button, you hit the right button and as soon as you press ‘Yes’, your accreditation is now valid only for that particular day.”

He noted, “If you have been invited for three weeks, every day you will need to do a COVID declaration and each day your QR code will only be live once you have completed that declaration. Now, you turn up on site, you scan the QR code, the system takes a picture, prints out a pass if you want a printout at all, and you will email the host to say that you are on site.”

Patel asserted that the ProVisit system is so sophisticated, that one literally knows what their visitor looks like though you have never crossed paths – “It adds a professional image, it adds an extra substance to your entire visit but also with this system if there is any contractor who has documentation issues, for example, their liability insurance has expired, he or she can upload this all on to a profile, the system will place him or her on hold, for example, it will no longer allow the individual concerned to sign in to the system until the fresh document has been uploaded. Thirty days prior to the expiry of any document, the holder of the document as well as the host will receive a daily declaration to say ‘this person’s liability is about to expire and please upload a new document’.

Patel concluded by asserting that the above are just a few features of the system and ProVisit has a lot more to boast about “within the system”.

A big shout-out to Yasin Patel and his team at ProVisit for coming out with such unique, flexible products that not only helps to make an event a foolproof and streamlined affair but also help shield fans and visitors from the fatal sting of COVID-19.

Footnote: A site induction, also referred to as a contractor induction, is a form of introductory instruction that ensures that workers new to a construction site or facility are familiar with the layout and organization of that workplace, as well as with their responsibilities.

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