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Argentina Club Atletico Platense renovation Image: Club Atlético Platense

Coinciding with its 116th anniversary, the Argentine sports club – Club Atlético Platense – announced the Master Plan for the remodeling of its home ground – Estadio Ciudad de Vicente López stadium. The rehabilitation process will comprise 10 stages.

‘Club Atlético Platense’ stated that the first stage consists of the painting of stands, the replacement of the entire lights of the venue with LED lights and installing seats in the Liniers grandstand.

The second phase will involve improvisation work of the main stands and the area reserved for newsmen.

Club Atlético Platense is an Argentine sports club based in Florida, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Although the club hosts many activities, Platense is mostly known for its football team. It plays in the Argentine Primera División – the top division of the Argentine football league system.

The Estadio Ciudad de Vicente López is a stadium located in the neighborhood of Florida in Vicente López Partido of Greater Buenos Aires (Argentina). Owned and operated by Club Atlético Platense, the stadium was built in 1979, and can fit in 28,530 spectators. The stadium is mainly used for staging football matches.

‘Club Atlético Platense’ quoted architect Santiago Luppi, who is also a Member of the Board of Directors of the club, as stating that the Master Plan was in the works for several years now. The club was recently promoted to the Argentine Primera División, and Luppi said that this promotion to the top division of the Argentine football league system further necessitated the need to totally repurpose the stadium so as to give fans an exalted experience. A lot of venue aces have held brainstorming sessions to chalk out a plan for optimum development of the facility.

Remarked Luppi, “The President of Club Atlético Platense, Pablo Bianchini, told me to come out with a solid plan – something very profound – for redecorating the venue. The Master Plan has been formulated in such a manner that it leaves a lot of room for the club to grow as well as to further repurpose the stadium in the future.”

Luppi informed that the redecoration work of the stadium will start anytime soon. We are waiting for the financials to be arranged.

Added Luppi, “When I was entrusted with the task of drawing out a plan for revamping the arena, I made it clear that it was not a work which could be done by just forming a subcommittee and that a group of experts will have to sit down and draw out the whole plan of how to go about to restructure the facility. First of all, the spruce-up plans should be such that they can be implemented. The ultimate objective is that the club should touch dizzying heights of success and its residence should stand out as far as design, infrastructure and facilities are concerned. While doing so, the budget will also have to be taken into consideration. The design should be simple and yet stand out. The club should get an identity through its digs.”

Luppi made it clear that though the Master Plan for the Remodeling of Ciudad de Vicente López Stadium has been announced, but that does not mean that work will start pronto – “The Board of Directors have decided that the López Stadium should boast an open-air theater. Also, the best of facilities should be made available to the visitors. Fans today want the most inviting ambience and comfort while visiting a stadium. They no longer come just to watch the game and walk out but intend to stay on longer in the venue even when the event is over. For that, we need to build a space with lot of added attractions.”

He continued, “Announcing the Master Plan does not mean that the whole stadium will have to be redesigned as per the Plan. Alterations can be made to the same. The Master Plan has been divided into 10 phases. Presently, the preliminary work has started as has been mentioned above. As part of various stages of remodeling, work space for the Board of Directors will be created, multipurpose rooms will be built and the present spaces will get a futuristic touch. Spaces devoted to the physically challenged people will also come up, and the lighting facilities would be put up as is required of a club playing in the top league of the Argentine football division.”

Luppi concluded by stating that the makeover work will have to be done as such that the facility measure up to the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) standards. In the last stage of the redevelopment work, the roof work of the stands will be taken up. The stadium will also enjoy a space wherein kids can play football and there will also be facilities available for playing futsal, handball and skate.

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