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Coliseum PR back to live and in-person events Image: Ascot Racecourse & Coca-Cola Arena Dubai

Come January 2022, and ‘Coliseum’ will be back to live conferences. Talk about ‘Coliseum’ conferences, and it rings a bell of excellence in innovation.

Different segments of the stadium business are woven into the warp and weft of the conference fabric – Venue DESIGN, Venue CONSTRUCTION, Venue BUSINESS, Venue TECHNOLOGY, Venue OPERATIONS, Venue SECURITY, GREEN Venue, Venue VIP (premium seating), Venue EXPERIENCE, AUDIOVISUAL Solutions, BRAND Development, Venue DESTINATION, Venue HEALTH, SAFETY & SECURITY, and HOST CITY Venues.

In March 2019, COVID struck like a bolt out of the blue on the world and ‘Coliseum’ was forced to hold five of its conferences as virtual sessions. All five was a resounding success during the pandemic – the 5th Coliseum Summit US (online) held from October 19th-23rd 2020, the 9th Coliseum Summit MENA (online) held from February 10th-11th, 2021, the 5th Coliseum Summit Europe (online) held from March 22nd-26th, 2021, the 1st Coliseum Summit (LATAM) (online) held from July 19th-23rd, 2021, and the recently concluded 6th Coliseum Summit US (online) held from October 4th-8th, 2021.

With the vaccination rollout world over, the coronavirus scenario has considerably stabilized globally though the coast is still not totally clear as the Delta variant continues to haunt several countries with the United States feeling the virus heat again.

Nevertheless, Coliseum will switch back to live and in-person events and its conferences will again be back with their pristine glory and sheen – face-to-face interactions and brainstorming.

Sports venue sector specialists can mark their calendars:

‘Coliseum’ conferences are synonymous with cream of the crop speakers and its tang is – venue wizards get the perfect platform to discuss the various challenges they face while taking up a stadium project and the lessons learned in the whole exercise of building an arena.

So, the New Year is all set to start on an exciting note for ‘Coliseum’ and everybody associated with its summits and it promises to pack a punch once again with its in-person conclaves.

Watch this space for more details on the live conferences.

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