Coliseum-MEI strategic partnership deal


Partnership Coliseum-MEI-2021 Image: MJR Group Ltd./Coliseum

Coliseum has signed a strategic partnership deal with Major Events International (MEI) which will go on to help the members of both the entities to further bolster their respective networks and expand their reach.

The partnership has been built on the premise that Coliseum – known for its venue pundits – will be in a position to help the MEI members to get access to the cream of venues worldwide while the Coliseum members will benefit from MEI’s close proximity to the best of associations and sports federations globally.

Coliseum looks forward to further bolster the strategic partnership and hopes it will go on to reap rewards for both its members as well as the members of MEI.

Andy Rice, COO, MEI, remarked, “Major Events International (MEI) is delighted to have signed this strategic partnership with Coliseum. There are a large number of stadia and arena networks and conferences out there, but we were determined to work with the best. Our expertise is in supporting rights holders and host cities to mitigate their event risk, minimize their costs and maximize their revenues; all too often iconic stadia and arena are at the heart of these events. We can’t be expert networkers in every area, so it makes perfect sense for us to align with a global alliance of venues that host the events we support.”

Michael J. Rennschmied, Founder, Coliseum – Global Sports Venue Alliance, stated, “Coliseum is pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with Major Events International (MEI). Our association will be complementary to each other – while the MEI has a strong hold on associations and sports federations globally, Coliseum enjoys a very strong relationship with stadiums and clubs. This whole collaboration will help both the members of MEI and Coliseum to expand their respective networks. The Coliseum members can reach out to the federations and sports bodies through MEI and the MEI members can reach out to stadia and arenas worldwide as Coliseum’s strong suit lies in bringing together on a common platform the virtuosos of the global sports venue sector who have sound knowledge on venues. The MEI’s strategic tie-up with Coliseum is also going to help their members get a deep insight into the modus operandi of the arenas and clubs and so will Coliseum members get to strengthen their knowledge base as regards the workings of sports federations.”

About Coliseum

Coliseum is dedicated towards building the best global community of sports and entertainment venue executives and professionals creating better and more profitable venues. Coliseum facilitates a dialogue between stadiums, arenas, clubs, leagues and experts and enables them to learn from each other while establishing relationships. Coliseum’s digital 365Coliseum Business Center is a vast pool of resources for the stadium and arena industry worldwide. The most popular feature is the ‘Get in touch’-Service, giving members the opportunity to connect with many stadiums and arenas around the world, and it is a 24/7-365 community.

About Major Events International

MEI specialize in helping commercial companies, Government agencies and host organizations succeed in the global sports events market, through the deployment of a unique blend of integrated assets. MEI provide access to key decision makers within the business of sports and major events, providing a single point of contact for advice, a local presence in host countries, access to key clients/suppliers, and a general market profile.

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