Coliseum Summit ASIA to offer a glimpse into China’s major stadium projects


China Stadium Projects

China is rapidly increasing its ‘stadium footprint’. Having hosted the Olympics in 2008 and other major sporting events in recent times, the Asian giant is in somewhat of a spree with stadiums of all shapes and sizes being built across the country.

The Chinese stadium experience will be one of the hot topics at this year’s Coliseum Summit ASIA, to be held in Beijing on September 20-21. Coliseum, global sports venues business summit, will particularly focus on the upcoming stadiums in China. These would primarily include:

  1. Hangzhou Olympic Center, Zhejiang Province: The 80,000-seat stadium has been described as one of the key future project of Hangzhou City and Zhejiang Province and received much attention. The stadium will include a 12,000-seat tennis center. The adjoining Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center will be a large urban complex which is expected to boost economic activity in the areas of commerce, travel, accommodation, entertainment, food, leisure, vacation, shopping and other services.
  2. Ningbo Sports Center, Zhejiang Province: This sprawling stadium, being built at an area of 598,000 square metre, is another major project in Zhejiang Province. It will have a total capacity of 60,000 including a 13,000-seater arena and a 3,000-seater swimming hall.
  3. Xianyang Sports Center, Shaanxi Province: The 40,000-seater stadium is being constructed at an area of 68,695 square metre.
  4. Yancheng Sports Center, Jiangsu Province: This multi-purpose stadium will include a tennis court with a seating capacity of 1,000 and a 1,500-seater swimming pool besides an arena for 6,000 visitors. The main stadium will have a capacity of 34,314. The total area of the stadium is 218,298 square meter.
  5. Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center, Jiangsu Province: This is another ambitious project. The Sports Center is designed to include a 45,000-seat stadium, an indoor pool with 3,000 seats, and a sports hall with 15,000 seats, and is surrounded by numerous residential quarters and a lively ambience. With its wide range of functions, beyond pure sporting events, the park has been designed to ensure a permanent and sustainable flow of visitors.
  6. Yichang Sports Center, Hubei Province: The 40,000-capacity stadium will have an arena with 6,000 seats and a swimming hall for 1,500 visitors. The arena will include a 4,000-seater shooting hall and a 2,000-seater tennis court.

With such exciting future projects in the line-up, delegates at the Coliseum Summit ASIA can expect great insights into the workings on stadium business within China.

Projects from other parts of Asia and rest of the world will be discussed as well going with the event’s tagline: Coliseum, conference for stadium and arenas world wide.

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