Coliseum to unveil Global Sports Venue Alliance


Coliseum to unveil Global Sports Venue Alliance Image: MJR Group Ltd.

Building on its brand as the top global community of sports venue executives and professionals, Coliseum is all set to take the next leap with the launch of Global Sports Venue Alliance (GSVA) at the Coliseum Summit EUROPE in London this month.

The Coliseum Global Sports Venue Alliance will be powered by a unique 365Coliseum Business Center, which will serve as a formidable resource for global stadium and venue industry.

It is the first and only platform designed for stadium and arena business professionals to share valuable information; develop long-lasting relationships; peer to peer exchanges; access quality leads; create more opportunities through effective networking; access one of the largest network of sports venue professionals; increase business through latest industry insights; and raise brand awareness – at an international, global scale.

“The Alliance is a result of feedback from the industry that will see us transform from a conference organizer to a 365-day community for stadium and arena business professionals globally,” said Michael Rennschmied, the CEO of MJR Group, the proprietor of the Coliseum brand.

“We started purely as a conference organizer in 2011. Having held our summits across the globe for eight years, we started getting frequent requests from stadiums, arenas and corporate looking for support, consultancy and a range of other queries regarding the industry. We worked on the feedback very seriously which led us to conceive the Alliance,” he elaborated.

“The GSVA is unique as it has been formed at a global scale. While there are a few groups like this in Europe and the US, they are limited to single sports and region. None exists at a scale comparable to GSVA,” Rennschmied stressed.

“We are neither confined by region or by a particular sport. We are also focussing on all kinds of venues. We have tennis, we have racetrack, we have NASCAR, we have NBA, NFL, NHL, collegiate sports. We have soccer, cricket and what have you. So this is another unique thing,” he added.

The GSVA will offer a range of membership packages for stadiums, arenas, clubs, leagues, associations, and corporate, who will be able to access Coliseum’s vast pool of resources and services through 7 unique tools. These are:

  • Global Sports Venue Database: A directory of major stadiums and venues across the world with key figures. It is a treasure trove for industry professionals.
  • Construction Updates: A listing of key ongoing and future stadiums and venue projects. This will be a handy resource for professionals looking out new projects.
  • Coliseum Summits: Take a peek into all the Coliseum Summits. It could be helpful tool in choosing the summit/s members would like to attend based on their region of preference.
  • Valuable tips for your next project: Have a look at Coliseum’s rich pool of videos, articles and research material drawn from industry experts to gain valuable advices for your next project.
  • Coliseum Partner News and GSVA Members: Members can use this space to have their news and press releases featured along with all other partners and members. The section will also include a membership directory with listing of all the members.
  • Global Sports Venue News: This tool will keep members updated on the latest daily news on sports venues and related topics from around the world.
  • ‘Get in touch’: Members can reach out to Coliseum through email or on telephone if they need support with business development, contacts to stadiums/clubs or other companies.

“The GSVA is a membership-based platform. So when our members come to office in the morning, just like they log into their Outlook [for email] or their LinkedIn [for professional networking], we expect them to log into the 356Coliseum Business Center and use the available tools on a daily basis,” Rennschmied remarked.

The MJR CEO will make a formal presentation on his vision for GSVA at its launch in London during the Coliseum Summit EUROPE.

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