Designs released for futuristic ANZ stadium

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ANZ Stadium Sydney new design Image: Artist impressions

The first artist’s impression of Sydney’s ANZ Stadium which will be rebuilt at an expense of $810 million has been released by the NSW Government.

The latest version of the plan to restore the former Olympic venue envisages restructuring it as a rectangle with steeper seating to draw spectators closer to enable them to see their idols in action.

The remodeling into a permanently rectangular playing field will result in the 20-year-old venue’s seating capacity coming down to 70,500 seats – almost 15,000 fewer seats than its current capacity. Of course, an option of raising capacity to 90,000 for concerts will be there.

The revamping work will bring the east and west stands five meters closer to the field and the north and south stands 18 meters closer. Under the proposed plans, a new semi-translucent roof will also be put in place to allow light through while still providing shade and shelter for fans around the facility.

Both ends of the stadium will be pulled down as part of the new design and rebuilt. The major upgrades in the building will be washrooms, corporate hospitality and food and drink stands.

In the mid to lower sections on the sides, the seating arrangement will be upgraded and brought in at a steeper rake to enable fans to get a better view. Futuristic giant screens will be installed and changing rooms will be made unisex.

Cox Architecture would design which would include a new roof arching over the structure and changes to the lower and middle seating sections of the stadium.

An architectural and design report, published as part of the project’s environmental impact statement advises “the new mid and lower tiers create a ‘cauldron’ effect for approximately 50,000 fans, bringing them closer to the action than Suncorp Stadium or the new Perth Stadium.”

New entrances to the stadium at the southern and northern ends and a revived façade will form a part of the redevelopment.

Acting NSW Sports Minister Geoff Lee said the refurbishment of the venue will be completed in the first quarter of 2023, advising “the NSW Government is committed to the redevelopment of Stadium Australia as part of our commitment to building world class stadia”.

The redevelopment plan of an all-new venue on the site at an expense of $1.3 billion was shelved in favor of the refurbishment work and the Allianz Stadium at Sydney’s Moore Park being rebuilt at a cost of $730 million.

Former NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayres, who favored the Allianz Stadium rebuild, has been reported over recent days to have been lobbying for the ANZ Stadium project to be abandoned.

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