Germany surfers in for rollicking time!


Munich to get surf venue near airport Image: Munich Surf

The Hallbergmoos Municipality in Munich (Germany) gave the thumbs-up for construction to begin on Surftown, a work-life development project centered on an Endless Surf wave pool. The whole development will break ground in the latter part of 2021 and will get rolling by 2023.

‘Wavepool Mag’ stated that adjoining the surf park, the project developer Rock Capital Group is planning a 29,000 square meter multifunctional hybrid building with offices, catering and retail under the name ‘Hybrid One’. The goal is a unique work-life and leisure quarter instead of a typical office space.

Surftown MUC will offer authentic running waves that can be generated every 10 seconds and travel for up to 180 meters. The new project will be powered by Endless Surf, a pneumatic-powered heart-shaped design that boasts creating several different customized wave types within the same session.

‘Wavepool Mag’ stated that to accompany the waves, the facility will include additional lifestyle amenities like fitness areas, food and beverage, surf and lifestyle retail, and lounge areas by the beach. The sports and leisure park in the immediate vicinity of the airport aims to appeal to all ages and surf skill levels, from professionals to newcomers.

The capacity of the surf pool is up to 700 surfers per day in 18 sessions. The surf pool has a surface area of 10,000 sqm and holds a volume of 9,500 cbm. The total length of the pool is about 180 meters.

The wave generator with technical room and pressure chambers is positioned on the longitudinal side with a total length of 120 meters. Thirty-four chambers provide for movement of the water by means of overpressure and underpressure and thus produce perfect waves from 30 cm up to more than 2m in height.

Said Baptiste Caulonque, Chief Commercial Officer of Endless Surf, “This project is a showcase for inland surfing by bringing a world-class wave to an enthusiastic local surf community in a landlocked location. The venue will become a major attraction for Munich.”

With a thriving surf community centered around the Eisbach River rapid wave, the addition of a world-class surf pool will enhance this vibrant surf culture and further Munich’s reputation as the surf capital of Germany and make it a novelty surf destination within Europe.

Surftown MUC Founder, Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, met his business partners, Conrad Albert and Michi Mohr, within Munich‘s surf scene. Together, they all bundled their respective talents (development, investment, and surf) for this mega project.

“With our different backgrounds, we complement each other perfectly,” said Chris Boehm-Tettelbach.

Stressing on the sustainability factor, Boehm-Tettelbach further stated, “Besides the fun of surfing, we are also united by the absolute conviction that a project like Surftown MUC can only innovate if it is also high on the sustainability quotient and is climate-neutral.”

The entire system of the facility is designed to be CO2 neutral. At the same time, electricity will be generated from renewable sources – 80 percent even from the company’s photovoltaic systems.

Endless Surf uses a flexible pneumatic system (using a number of pressurized air chambers) to produce wave-making energy. Because of the system’s flexibility, based on how one sequences the chambers, one can cater usage to pool capacity and conserve energy. Having a centrally located wave pool will also cut down on air travel by Germany’s estimated 2,500,000 active surfers since they will now find a high-performance wave in their backyard.

Located near Munich International Airport at Lilienthalstrasse 12 in Hallbergmoos, the new wave pool will be visible to passengers on commercial flights. The Munich airport already has a rapid wave-on premise.

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