Hungary pumps in $250mn for 22 stadium projects this year


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While Hungary opened three new stadiums in 2014, this year stadium construction in the country received a big boost with 22 major projects lined up for commencement of progress. The government has announced its plans to spend 67.144 billion forints ($250 million) for the projects.

The Hungarian government’s plan goes along with its promises from a couple of years back. It is also in sync with the national program of sports infrastructure upgrade. The scheme aims at significantly improving or completely rebuilding all stadiums of top two leagues in the country.

2014 brought the first results of this project as three new stadiums were opened in Budapest, Debrecen and Felcsut. The first two were built with in nearly record time at a very efficient cost, while the third is Hungary’s new national stadium for youth teams.

This year the governmental program will include 22 stadiums across the country. Annual budget for the projects is set at 67.144 billion forints for 2015.

The current wave of stadium reconstructions started under the second prime ministership of Orbán Viktor, reports Daily News Hungary. What really boosted the process was the possibility to support public benefit organisations (such as theaters or sort clubs) with the corporate income tax, according to the daily.

The table below shows how the money is to be distributed among participating cities of league one (NB I) and two (NB II).

Stadium/City League Amount (in forints)
Nemzeti Sportközpont / Budapest national 44.272 billion
Rohonci úti Stadion / Szombathely NB I 4.974 billion
Sóstói Stadion / Székesfehérvár NB I 4.5 billion
Diósgyóri Stadion / Miszkolc NB I 2.75 billion
Dunaferr Arena / Dunajvaros NB I 2.6 billion
Bozsik Stadion / Budapest NB I 2.1 billion
Stadion Várkerti / Kisvarda NB II 800 million
ZTE Arena / Zalaegerszeg NB II 750 million
Stadion Kórház utcai / Békéscsaba NB II 565 million
Rákóczi Stadion / Káposvar NB II 501 million
Városi Stadion / Nyíregyháza NB I 500 million
Illoszky József Stadion / Budapest NB II 500 million
PMFC Stadion / Pécs NB I 500 million
ETO Park / Gyór NB I 240 million
Szusza Ferenc Stadion / Budapest NB I 240 million
Széktói Stadion / Kecskemét NB I 240 million
Nándor Hidegkuti Stadion / Budapest NB I 240 million
Fehérvári úti stadion / Paks NB I 240 million
Perutz Stadion / Pápa NB I 240 million
Városi stadion / Mezőkövesd NB II 180 million
Káposztás utcai Stadion / Sopron NB II 150 million
Groupama Arena / Budapest NB I 60 million

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