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In the fast-paced world of modern stadium and venue management, innovation is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. That’s where Irvine (US)-based Kibsi comes into play. As a no-code computer vision platform for video, Kibsi leverages AI to turn raw video footage from security cameras into structured data in realtime. The results? Incredible insights and realtime alerts that will revolutionize venue management.

‘Kibsi’ stated that its technology facilitates guests coming to the venue to know in realtime information on the concession line, the average wait time, parking spots’ location, bottleneck locations of the venue and the availability of table and seats. Kibsi also addresses traffic-related inquiries, security incidents and guests’ movement in the venue.

Kibsi is more than an advanced video analysis tool. It’s a key player in venue operations, furnishing AI-powered video intelligence solutions via a cloud-native, low-code platform. Kibsi is leveling the playing field, giving venue operators the tools they need to drive their business without being bogged down by technical intricacies.

Tolga Tarhan, Kibsi’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder, puts it succinctly, “Kibsi enables venue operators to use their existing cameras to understand their facilities better, improve the guest experience and enhance their safety and operational efficiency.”

From Video Streams to Valuable Insights

Kibsi turns existing security and video cameras into a completely customizable, advanced monitoring system capable of providing realtime alerts and analysis for critical events. Its point-and-click technology means one can be up and running quickly, getting quick results that optimize the guest experience, enhance security, increase operational efficiency, and, ultimately, drive sales.

Revolutionizing Concession Management

‘Kibsi’ further stated that Kibsi’s advanced computer vision can dramatically transform concession management. Kibsi identifies traffic hotspots, enabling quick redistribution of staff or opening additional counters.

Proactive Security and Safety

Kibsi identifies potential security issues in realtime, allowing proactive intervention. This keeps the venue peaceful and reassures guests about their safety.

Mastering Crowd Management

Kibsi demystifies crowd management through granular, realtime crowd dynamics data. On a bustling game night, Kibsi’s insights on crowd flow can help operators maintain smooth circulation, making the game experience enjoyable for all, with fans focusing on the game, not navigating the crowd.

Efficient Maintenance Management

Kibsi minimizes disruptions caused by maintenance issues. Its monitoring capabilities alert staff about potential problems before they affect guests, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Kibsi supports a venue’s sustainability goals. For instance, post-event, Kibsi can identify unoccupied areas and suggest turning off lights, significantly saving energy.

Garnering Revenue

Kibsi also helps bolster venue revenue. Through footfall analytics, Kibsi provides venues with the opportunity to attract sponsorships, offering them high dwell times in key areas, thus securing additional revenue streams.


Kibsi is an effortlessly user-friendly solution that offers quick implementation. By connecting to one’s existing video cameras and configuring the monitoring parameters within minutes, Kibsi becomes an asset for the entire organization. From operations and security to concession stand staff, every team benefits from the platform’s realtime, actionable insights. These data points help manage traffic flow, identify operational inefficiencies and address security concerns, optimizing the guest experience and the overall venue performance.

Seamless Integration and Unified Data

Rather than a standalone tool, Kibsi enhances one’s current operational ecosystem. Its advanced webhook technology enables seamless integration with the existing systems, from ticketing and point-of-sale solutions to customer relationship management tools. This integration fosters a unified data ecosystem, enabling all teams to access critical insights for streamlined decision-making and an improved understanding of venue operations.

Flexible Infrastructure: Cloud or Edge Deployment

Kibsi’s adaptable infrastructure is one of its main strengths and its deployment options meet one’s venue’s unique needs, offering control over data processing, storage and access, thus exemplifying an investment that truly caters to one’s specific demands.

With best-in-class architecture founded on security, performance and usability, Kibsi is ready to help one see one’s world in a whole new

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