New projects planned for PGE Arena Gdańsk ajoining areas


PGE Arena Gdańsk

The surrounding areas of PGE Arena Gdańsk is in for a major redevelopment. A press release on the official website of the iconic Polish stadium reveals that soon there will be an entertainment park, an aquatic park, a tropical garden, a spa and wellness centre and a hotel in the area.

“A complex of five new buildings will be erected with the support of private developers on a land site owned by the city,” according to the release.

The ground where the new public facilities will be located is owned by a municipal company, BIEG 2012. “This is not a coincidence that we are planning a development like this namely in this area of the city. The new, strategic roads we are about to complete, will revolutionize the access to the stadium and its surroundings”, Paweł Adamowicz, the Mayor of Gdańsk is quoted saying.

Offering the details of the project, Adamowicz adds: “PGE Arena will be easily accessed from the airport via the new Słowackiego Thoroughfare and will be connected to the Warsaw expressway and the motorway to Łódź – via the new tunnel under the Martwa Wisła branch of the Vistula river. It seems therefore that we are ready to progress with the vision we presented a few years ago. We are planning a new complex with a clearly defined recreation and entertainment function here, something to serve the residents of Gdańsk, while making the city even more attractive for tourists.”

According to the plan, the project may be split into stages and will be implemented by private developers. There will be no residential buildings, shopping malls or industrial plants, though.

“The new facilities are expected to complement each other and provide an attractive leisure space for people to spend their free time, have rest and integrate,” says Tomasz Kowalski, the CEO at Biuro Inwestycji Euro Gdańsk 2012 (BIEG 2012), the company responsible for commercialization of the land adjoining the stadium and CEO at Arena Gdańsk Operator, the company responsible for PGE Arena operation.

The architectural concept of the new buildings prepared by BIEG 2012 fits with the existing stadium. It has similar references to the seaside location: the streamlined shape of modern buildings brings to mind stones and amber smoothed by water. The concept was created by PGE Arena designers, namely Rhode-Kellermann-Wawrowsky from Düsseldorf. The work took several months and was completed in February this year.

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