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OL Vallée is a massive project of the Ligue 1 club Olympique Lyonnais the design of which was conceived when the Groupama Stadium (France) opened in 2016. Spread over a 50 ha site, it is all set to become a sports center of excellence and is scheduled to go on stream in 2024. The new complex will be attached to the Groupama Stadium in Décines which is the residence of Lyon and is set to go on stream in 2024.

Olympique Lyonnais, commonly referred to as simply Lyon or OL is a French professional football club based in Lyon in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It plays in France’s highest football division, Ligue 1. The club was established in 1950.

Parc Olympique Lyonnais, known for sponsorship reasons as Groupama Stadium, is a 59,186-seat stadium in Décines-Charpieu, in the Lyon Metropolis in France.

The complex will enjoy a lot of added attractions like the Kopster Hotel, the Grand Large Medical Center, a Unilians medical biology laboratory, as well as two office buildings – ‘Les Loges’ and ‘Le Stadium’ (opening scheduled for 2021).

The opening of the leisure center will be the first phase of this huge complex before the scheduled opening in 2023 of an arena boasting more than 15,000 seats.

The OL Vallée complex will open up floodgate of opportunities not only in the Lyon metropolitan area but also in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. The whole development will offer sports, leisure, training, medical, and cultural facilities, and aims to welcome nearly 4 million visitors each year by 2024.

The Metropolis of Lyon, also known as Grand Lyon, is a French territorial collectivity located in the East-Central region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

The entire OL Vallée project will act like a cherry on the cake as far as the tourism quotient of Lyon metropolis is concerned. Lyon metropolis has been bestowed ‘European Capital of Sustainable Tourism 2019’ title by the European Union (EU) and has been regularly counted among the best destinations in the world by the tourist guides.

The development is expected to generate more than 2,000 jobs during the construction phase and nearly 2,250 jobs in the operational phase (excluding arena and stadium events). A major driver of employment in the region, OL Vallée should ultimately generate more than 3,000 jobs on the day a public event is held.

Leisure center

OL Vallée’s new leisure center will open its doors in early 2021 in Décines (France). The new 23,250 m2 leisure center, which is almost on the verge of completion, will open its doors to the public next February. Located at the foot of the Groupama Stadium in Décines-OL Vallée, this center will offer a plethora of activities for people of all age groups. The opening of a leisure center is a unique concept in the Lyon metropolis.

The main objective is to make OL Vallée the leisure and sports destination 365 days a year and it will sit to the East of the Lyon metropolitan area. Everything will be on offer starting from recreational, sports and cultural leisure activities as well as gastronomic delight.

The leisure center will complement Groupama Stadium and activities will include business seminars, stadium tours – OL Le Musée (OL Le Musée is entirely focused on the Olympique Lyonnais, the City’s football club and true institution of the sporting scene in Lyon), Brasserie des Lumières Bocuse (dine-in restaurant in Groupama Stadium), OL Store (a boutique in Groupama Stadium).

Reaching the leisure complex will be a smooth affair – a daily T7 tram line running from Vaulx en Velin La Soie, with a service frequency every 15 minutes, and OL Vallée will be around 30 minutes from Place Bellecour.

A wide range of leisure and dining options unique to the Lyon metropolis will be on offer:


Stay fit

  • A multisports complex of 2600m2 with swimming pool;
  • Fitness facilities;
  • Biking;
  • Cardio;
  • Bodybuilding;
  • Combat sports;
  • Aquabike;
  • Yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • Dance;
  • Cross-training; and
  • Weightlifting.


Sports galore

  • The largest bowling alley in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region with 32 lanes spread over 3500 m² of area;
  • A 12-hole ‘black and light’ indoor mini-golf facility;
  • Billiards;
  • Table football; and
  • Air hockey.


City Surf Park

  • In a unique setting, the largest indoor surfing wave in Europe will allow one to discover the pleasure of skiing whatever the season or the level of the practitioner;
  • For foodies, there will be a restaurant;
  • Beach bar;
  • Surf shop; and
  • Event spaces where one can spend quality time with friends or family.



  • Spread over 3500m² of area, this multiplex will offer adventurous activities which is sure to provide an exalted experience.


The Five OL

  • An indoor sports complex offering futsal facilities;
  • Sports bar;
  • Esport hall and a 700m2 terrace opening up to the Groupama Stadium; and
  • Idyllic spot for leisure activities, workshops and for celebrating children’s birthdays.


All in Padel

  • All In Padel, the new indoor structure by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (French tennis player) and Anthony Lopes (Portuguese professional footballer), will boast six padel (a racquet sport popular in Spain and Latin America, usually played in doubles on a small, closed court) and two badminton courts;
  • A 100m² leisure area (table tennis, table football, etc.); and
  • A bar and snacking area as well as a specialized pro-shop.


Café-theater room

  • A café-theater room where one can get lost in the world of local artistes.



  • Enter the Vortex to taste a unique virtual reality experience and discover the sensations of the ultimate hi-tech gaming.


Spoilt for choice

Local brewers, burgers, or even world cuisine, all will be available in the nine new OL Vallée brands and will leave visitors spoilt for choice:

  • ‘Ninkasi’ is the perfect alchemy of craft beers;
  • ‘Raw Butcher’ is a local brand specializing in meat. Brut Butcher offers an array of burgers and specialties made with fresh produce which is sure to leave a lingering taste in the mouth;
  • ‘On tap and to measure’ offers a fun, friendly and offbeat experience where each individual can double up as their own barman in a warm atmosphere;
  • ‘American City’ offers typical and varied American dishes prepared on site using quality local and regional products;
  • ‘Garrison Tavern & UNI®’ is a true 1920s style English pub. The Garrison Tavern will operate next to UNI®, the new Lyonnaise brasserie (a restaurant in France or in French style);
  • ‘Planet’ is all about Asian cuisine combining Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese or Korean specialties … wok, planchas, all-you-can-eat buffet and catering service;
  • ‘B Chef’ – delicacies which is sure to tickle the taste buds: Indulge in bagels, burgers, salad bowls, pastries, and hot drinks at any time of the day;
  • ‘Salad’Rit’ – A healthy and simple concept, salad bar, tasty planchas and grills, and dessert bar – all kind of gourmet food on offer; and
  • ‘Hénon House’ – The famous Lyonnais baker unveils his brand new bakery concept and one can enjoy pastries to one’s fill.

OL Vallée is all set to become ‘Destination Next’ in France and visitors can get lost in the fun and thrill of the place as well as savor good food and drinks.

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