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Masks shield healthcare workers from high levels of viral pathogen. Be it the lowly paper masks or ultra-high filtration N95 masks, studies conducted over the years show that masks protect healthcare workers from getting infected in hospitals, and prevent sick people from spreading diseases to others.

With COVID-19 spreading venom globally and leaving a trail of death and sufferings – 7, 23, 16 cases worldwide and 34,000 deaths globally till date –masks are becoming all the more important.

Keeping this in mind, Memmingen (Germany) –headquartered PFEIFER Group of companies has donated 1,000 protective masks from their collection to a coordinating body of the local health department in Memmingen. The local health service is – in turn – distributing these masks to the health facilities where it is in urgent need.

Pfeifer Group is a long time client and member of Coliseum – Global Sports Venue Alliance.

A statement released by the company stated, “Looking at the present COVID-19 scenario the world over, protective masks are in dire need in hospitals and smaller health facilities. The health and safety of the doctors, nurses and community health workers takes top priority during these critical times – the frontline public health workforce who is showing the highest level of commitment globally to combat coronavirus. Hence, the decision to donate protective masks.”

The statement further read, “Dear doctors, nurses and all those who contribute to saving lives with their efforts: THANK YOU to all of you for the great achievement you put in together every day. #Solidarität #Nachbarschaftshilfe #Atemschutzmasken #FlattenTheCurve #WeStayAtHome #StayTogether #Covid19 #Donate.”

Doctors, nurses, and community health workers are bearing a disproportionate burden of this epidemic, due to their constant contact with the virus. Much stress has been laid on providing medical personnel with the right equipment to avoid contracting the disease – masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, and the like.

The Pfeifer Group of Companies believe that more will have to be done to ensure that those on the frontlines have the necessary protective gear. The focus should also be on maintaining their holistic well-being.

Though coronavirus is ravaging large parts of Europe, Germany still has a low coronavirus death rate due to mass testing and an impressive healthcare system. Media reports stated that Germany’s death rate from the deadly COVID-19 is substantially lower than that of Italy, Spain, and the UK. This is largely due to the fact that Germany is testing as many as 120,000 people in a week, which means that the number of cases keeps rising while the number of deaths trickles in slowly. The country also boasts excellent intensive care facilities and a severe lockdown in place.

Latest coronavirus figures in Germany stand at 62,435 and 541 deaths while in Italy the total cases figure stands at 97,689 and 10,779 deaths, Spain – 80,110 cases and 6,803 deaths, France – 40, 174 cases and 2,606 deaths and UK stands at 19,522 cases and 1,228 deaths.

PFEIFER is an internationally operative group of companies based in Germany. The company’s business purpose leads it along the value creation chain of rope and lifting technology, connecting and lifting systems and cable structures – directly to customers’ application tasks.

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