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Jerry Han likes to learn from others and he asserts that China has a huge appetite and market for sports and credits it to the Government which puts its best foot forward to promote and develop sports.

Han was the First Events Manager of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG – American global sporting and music entertainment presenter) in China in 2008 and comes armed with roughly 15 years of experience. While with the AEG, he was responsible for the operation and management of the 19,000-capacity Wukesong Arena in Beijing, China.

Due to his vision and exemplary leadership capabilities, Han established the ‘6 in 1’ formula – a comprehensive venue operation and management system which has brought in the desired results.

Jerry Han, Director of the Board, Beijing Vanguan Sports, China, tells ‘Coliseum’ in an exclusive conversation that along with the rest of the world China has suffered due to the disastrous consequences of COVID-19 and the country is still pandemic-struck as “no large-scale events have been held in China in the past three years”. He said that right at the moment his priority is to pull back fans to the Phoenix Hill Sports Park (of which he is in charge) to the pre-pandemic level.

Beijing Vanguan Sports

Beijing (China)-based the Beijing Vanguan Sports and Culture Company Limited (hereinafter Vanguan Sports) is a market-leading professional sports venue management company with international perspective and local experience in China. Vanguan Sports is aimed at being an integrated operator of the sports facilities. They provide customized services to address their clients’ need such as the venue’s overall operation consultancy, venue renovation solutions, venue strategic and financial investment plan, and event operation, etc.

Phoenix Hill Sports Park

The Chengdu Phoenix Hill Sports Park is a major sports complex located in the Jinniu District of Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Designed by the HKS Architects, it was constructed between 2010 and 2021 and officially opened in 2022.

The Phoenix Hill Sports Park boasts a 50,695-seat FIFA-standard football stadium and an 18,000-seat National Basketball Association (NBA)-standard basketball arena.

Beaming with pride, Jerry Han stated, “The Phoenix Hill Sports Park is the biggest in China and about 400 events are held there every year. Chengdu is the fifth biggest City in China. After two postponements in 2021 and 2022 due to the pandemic, the Chengdu International University Sports Federation (FISU) Games finally took place from July 28th-August 8th, 2023 in the Chinese mega City.”

In 2023, the Chengdu City occupied the Number 8 slot among the global sports Cities for event hosting.

Han pointed out that China was still reeling under the pandemic effects and his greatest challenge was to “bring back fans in droves to our stadia in the Phoenix Hill Sports Park”.

The Phoenix Hill Football Stadium which sits in the Phoenix Hill Sports Park is home to the Chinese Super League (the highest tier of professional association football in China) team Chengdu Rongcheng.

Added Han, “The home team holds great significance in Chengdu City. Of course, in the Phoenix Hill Sports Park more concerts are held than soccer games but our endeavor is to bring more soccer shows to the stadium.”

To enable the same, he informed that he is applying his ‘6 in 1’ formula – to involve the players, the spectators, the media, the promoter, the sponsor, and the Government.

Han informed with a sense of pride that venue operators/owners in many Cities in China take leaves out of the Phoenix Hill Sports Park book on “how to keep the fans in good humor and how we have in place first-rate offerings so that spectators can enjoy to the hilt while in the venue”.

He lauded the American interdisciplinary global architecture firm HKS for the flawless design they have lent to the Phoenix Hill Sports Park and for designing a massive sports center and a public square or “urban living room” that can accommodate a multitude of outdoor events throughout the year including parties, exhibitions, concerts, and festivals.

The mixed-use buildings comprising hotel, retail and the training facilities draw visitors from around the region and a network of public spaces offer connections to nature, promote fitness and support environmental sustainability.


Jerry Han summed up by reiterating that the ‘6 in 1’ formula has “paid off and our tickets are a total sellout. We will initiate steps to hold more football events. Visiting the Phoenix Hill Sports Park has become a style statement in Chengdu and the Sports Park is a must-visit destination for the tourists.”

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