Row over German firm’s vaccination clause


Eventim will allow access to events only for vaccinated people Image: MJR Group Ltd./Coliseum

The German company Eventim announcing that it will only sell tickets to people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 has stirred up a hornets’ nest. A heated discussion broke out on the social media platforms.

eventim sources stated that German singer-songwriter Nena left a hard-hitting message on Instagram over the above decision, “Dear ones, there will still be no two-class society in my concerts. You are always welcome! Whether you get vaccinated or not are entirely your decision and must be respected by everyone.”

Back in October 2020, the singer had also made a cryptic comment on the pandemic situation.

Gabriele Susanne Kerner, better known as Nena, is a German singer-songwriter, actor, and comedian who rose to international fame in 1983 as the eponymous lead vocalist of the band ‘Nena’ with the Neue Deutsche Welle song ‘99 Luftballons’.

CTS Eventim is a German company in the leisure-events market, dealing in ticketing and live entertainment, and is headquartered in Bremen (Germany). It is one of the 60 companies comprising the MDAX index (read stock index of German companies), and one of the 30th to 90th largest companies in Germany by market capitalization.

Staunch Nena fans have openly praised the celebrated singer on her Instagram post. Wrote one user, “That’s right!” Another user wrote, “I knew that I could rely on you and that you would never support it (read the Eventim decision).”

Another user praised the singer to the skies for being so bold, “Thank you dear Nena … for your clear position in public … apparently very few of your colleagues dare to do that at the moment. I hope that other artistes also think on similar lines like you.”

eventim sources further stated that CTS Eventim wants to make vaccination a prerequisite if anybody wants to attend a concert.

Eventim boss Klaus-Peter Schulenberg told the German weekly business news magazine ‘Wirtschaftswoche’, “If there is enough vaccine and everyone can be vaccinated, then private organizers should make vaccination a prerequisite for entry to events.”

Eventim has already upgraded its technology so that vaccination cards can be read.

eventim sources further informed that in the Northernmost German State of Schleswig-Holstein, the Ministry of Health has commissioned CTS Eventim to give vaccination appointments. For the company, this is a new business in times when the events industry is going through a limbo – especially in Europe – where coronavirus has struck back harder.

Schulenberg further told ‘Wirtschaftswoche’, “We are in talks with other Federal States to cooperate when more vaccines are made available. The faster the population is vaccinated, the faster events can take place again. It is all about making a contribution so that we can all come out of this pandemic at the earliest possible.”

It is a divided house on the social media platforms. Few twitterati fears that the above decision has been taken to make “vaccination compulsory” in general.

While another section of twitterati has lashed out at the above decision. Wrote a livid user, “Eventim should be dragged to the court for human rights violations and violations of the Basic Law! Incredible!”

Another tweeted, “Eventim, aren’t you ashamed? Do you want event-goers to produce a vaccination certificate to attend events? There are a section of people who have been advised not to get vaccinated because of underlying health conditions, as the vaccine will do more harm than good. Does that mean that these people will not enjoy an active social life?”

eventim sources provided that there are few twitterati who have come out in support of Eventim’s above decision, “Finally, something that Eventim is doing is right. I am curious to know whether it will get legal underpinning.”

Another user tweeted, “Many of the users who are angry over the above decision are not trying to get into the depth of the matter. Eventim announces that it will only sell tickets to people who have been administered the jab and everyone goes crazy. What is the problem?”

Yet another user tweeted a DPA report, “Once everyone gets vaccinated, then private organizers should be able to provide proof of vaccination as an entry requirement. Read and understand. We are NOT talking about coercion.”

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