Baltimore Ravens’ $430m stadium revamp


M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore with major upgrade Image: Baltimore Ravens

The NFL’s Baltimore Ravens are planning a series of upgrades to their M&T Bank Stadium as they look to bring fans closer to the heart of the action on the field.

The Ravens will build field-level suites near one of M&T Bank Stadium’s end zones, develop fan-friendly plazas outside their gates and improve the overall retail and F&B experience.

The upgrades are part of the stadium’s new 15-year lease with the Maryland Stadium Authority which will see the Ravens stay in Baltimore until at least 2037.

Team President Sashi Brown told Coliseum, “We have a three-year renovation programme which will total $430 million of investment in M&T Bank Stadium. 1998 was the first year that we played in the stadium, so we’re celebrating our 25th season this year which makes these renovations even more special after a quarter century.

“We have extended our lease for 10 more years through the 2037 NFL season, a little bit over a year ago now, and the first thing that we wanted to do when we sat down with the Stadium Authority was to really think about what investments we needed to make, from an infrastructure system standpoint, to ensure that the stadium would be in good shape for the next evolution, the next several decades.

“We’ll be making a number of infrastructure investments that are really important to keep the stadium in good condition.

M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore with major upgradeImage: Baltimore Ravens

“Here at the Ravens our primary focus is on ‘how do we create an awesome game day experience for fans,’ and we have. Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve consistently invested in our game day experience and our fan experience and so we start from a position of real strength. We’re annually rated in the top five or top three game day experiences by fan surveys across the NFL.

“We’re really excited that this renovation programme will allow us to significantly improve the game day experience for our fans and we’ll do that in a number of different ways.

“We will add a North Plaza and build out the plaza on the footprint of the stadium which will have hospitality, will increase our retail store – which right now just doesn’t have enough square footage – and we’ll have 10s of thousands of square feet of new retail space in two areas.”

North Plaza (2025)

Serving as the Grand Entrance to M&T Bank Stadium, the revitalized North Plaza will feature two large structures flanking the gates. The west structure will include an open-air tailgate & concert venue with three levels of viewing, a main stage, and an indoor sports bar on the main level that will quickly become the stadium’s premier pre-game destination.

M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore with major upgradeImage: Baltimore Ravens

The east structure will feature a 7,000 sq ft retail space with a second-floor hospitality area that prominently features key pieces of Ravens artefacts and memorabilia, providing fans the unique ability to immerse themselves in team history. This new plaza experience also provides an ideal location for events throughout the year. Features include:

  • Performance stage
  • LED video boards
  • Ravens Retail Store
  • Indoor sports bar
  • Ravens history experience
  • Event opportunities throughout the year
  • Club Level access


South Plaza (2026)

Providing a primary collective entry into Gate D, the South Plaza will welcome fans who approach the stadium from Warner Street. The space will be anchored by an 8-10,000 sq ft retail store to be open year-round. Features include:

  • Flagship Ravens Retail Store open year-round

Brown said the Ravens would be creating several new hospitality spaces that will allow fans to enjoy one of the best tailgate experiences of the NFL.

M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore with major upgradeImage: Baltimore Ravens

He added, “We’ll bring a lot of that right on campus. We’ll have a stage that will allow us to take the live performances that now live outside of our gate in our parking lot area and bring it into the stadium.”

The Gatehouse (2024)

A gateway to M&T Bank Stadium, the Gatehouse offers two levels of social space for fans to experience before, during and after every home game. With a sports bar vibe, fans can enjoy drinks and socializing on the main floor while surrounded by video screens, or they can take in sights from the rooftop deck and gather “Baltimore style” under string lights while taking in a city view. The Gatehouse is located on the stadium’s east side just outside of Gate B. Features include:

  • Over 5,000 sq ft on both levels
  • Each floor accommodates 350-400 people
  • Dedicated restrooms on each floor

Brown added, “We will also bump out our upper concourses. When most stadiums were built in the 90s, concourses were just narrower than they should have been originally designed. As I think we’ve learned as an industry, the extra square footage can make for a much more comfortable experience because fans congregate at the peak times – entrance, halftime and egress.

“We’re really glad to be able to bump out some spaces on the upper concourse and create some new hospitality areas but also just deliver new innovative F&B and concessions opportunities, increase the number of bathrooms, which are always a challenge at those peak times, and also give some coverage from the elements since we’re an outdoor stadium.

There’ll be a massive area on the north side and two areas on the South side of our upper ring.”

Upper Concourse expansion (2025)

Concourses on the Upper Level of M&T Bank Stadium will expand in multiple areas, providing fans in “The Perch” additional space to enjoy unique food offerings and pre-game parties, while enjoying the best views of Charm City on gameday. Features include:

  • Over 12,000 sq ft of additional space to be added across three locations
  • Increase in restroom capacity
  • Improved concourse circulation

Brown continued, “We’re working still with Gensler our architect on the project to elevate design to really enhance our branding and signage, incorporate technology – both audio and visual – along the concourses, to keep fans connected to the action on the field.

“The other aspect of our stadium that we wanted to address was like most stadiums built in the 90s, you had three kinds of experiences or programmes for fans. There are standard suites which are on our third and fourth levels of the stadium, a GA lower level experience, a Club experience in between on our second level and our GA experience in the upper level.

“Modern stadiums and arenas have dozens of varied products and we’re happy to be able to introduce several new types of products in terms of clubs that our current fans will be able to have access to, and also some brand-new products that haven’t been seen, including some that we think will be novel in the industry.

“One is a lower-level suite product that we’re calling the Blackwing that will combine both a club and a suite product for some of our corporate clientele who want to be able to watch the game and host and have a great hospitality experience.”

The Blackwing (2024)

Guests of M&T Bank Stadium will soon enjoy the best game-action view in the building from the most luxurious accommodations available. Situated just below the club level along the Ravens’ sideline, The Blackwing features 10 individual suites all connected to a private club that feels like a throwback to a speakeasy bar and lounge. This experience includes concierge service, high-end food and beverage options, mixologists at the bar, featured cocktails, a special selection of bakery items from a pastry chef and more. Members of The Blackwing will have access to the exclusive club on non-gamedays, as well. Features include:

  • Includes parking service
  • Concierge service
  • All-inclusive food & beverage in lounge & suites
  • Private restrooms in each suite
  • Fully enclosed balcony with retractable glass

Brown said several new kitchens are being added as the Ravens continue to work with their concessions partner Aramark to improve the F&B experience.

He added, “We’re adding a couple beer halls that will also have roof decks. We wanted to make sure the aesthetics of the project honored Baltimore design, the design aesthetic in the history of architecture in Baltimore and we think we’ve captured that.

“Our stadium is more of an industrial brick feel and so we wanted to make sure the renovations were consistent with that design. And as part of that one of the things we looked to when we started looking across the city and the region, was that residents of Baltimore really love the roof deck experience.

“We’re able to add two or three opportunities where fans will be able to come and be elevated but engage in some of these social spaces away from their seats. We’re creating some social opportunities in the stadium which we’re really excited about.”

South Club (2025)

An ultra-premium field-level club with unique team access, the South Club will offer a lounge-like atmosphere to South Club seat holders, as well as individual and corporate members. The space will provide an exclusive view of the Ravens’ player tunnel at the 50-yard line, allowing members to watch the team take the field for pre-game warmups, in addition to offering the ability to view live head coach and player post-game press conferences. Features include:

  • View of the Ravens’ player tunnel at the 50-yard line
  • View of the Ravens’ post-game press conference room
  • All-inclusive premium food & beverage
  • Concierge service
  • Seating can accommodate 400 guests
  • Shared boutique & restrooms


North Club (2025)

This elevated club experience at field level offers guests, both with seats and memberships, convenient access from the main concourse. Situated at the 50-yard line, there will be a limited number of field seats available, while all members will enjoy a social sports bar area with seating, screens, and climate control throughout the game. Features include:

  • All-inclusive food & beverage
  • North Club can accommodate 350 guests
  • Access to Club restrooms throughout the game

Brown added, “One other element that that we’ll incorporate – we’ve seen in-bowl access to live action is a big draw – and so we’re actually going to build seats in the spaces on the field level below our row one. It will be the closest seat to the action. In one end zone we’ll build field level suites that you’ve seen come into play over the last decade of the NFL.

“And that will allow you know great action feet away from our scoring zone, the end zone at one end of our stadium, in addition to that Blackwing programme.”

West End Zone Club (2025)

This field-level space offers a new club experience to fans who want to add a premium option to their gameday through an End Zone Club membership. The club will be home to two featured bars, with premium food and beverage. The club will operate both before and after the game, giving members a chance to heat up, cool down or relax following a Ravens’ victory. Features include:

  • All-inclusive food & beverage
  • Premium bar experience
  • Access to Club restrooms throughout the game
  • Club can accommodate up to 500 guests


West End Zone Suites (2025)

Suite holders can take in the game from two rows of seating directly on the field in the west end zone of M&T Bank Stadium. Guests will not only have access to the West End Zone Club, but they’ll be able to enjoy a social suite experience with a private suite, as well as access to a members-only social area outfitted with bar and food service stations before, during and after the game. Features include:

  • Exclusive field-level seating
  • All Inclusive food & beverage
  • Includes parking
  • Pre-game & post-game access to suites
  • Concierge service

Brown concluded, “What was important to us when we went through these renovations, was that we didn’t want to do something that would just enhance the experience for a few of our fans or a select group of fans. We were really pleased with the fact that the programme we came up with in the end will touch and materially enhance the fan experience for every fan that comes into the stadium.

“We have enjoyed a fantastic partnership with the Maryland Stadium Authority and the state of Maryland. We’re really excited to be investing alongside them in a stadium that we think is already one of the best experiences in the NFL and to ensure that Ravens fans will have a first-class, world-class experience at Ravens games, live events and concerts moving forward. It’s a really exciting opportunity for us.”

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