China renames 16 sports centers as National Training Bases


China National Training Bases

The Chinese Sports General Administration (CSGA) announced that 16 sports training centers across the country have been renamed as National Sports Training Bases, according to a media release in late August.

The statement said that the renaming has been done to have a better system of training bases. Six of the 16 organizations have been renamed as “National Multi-Sport Training Base”, while the remaining 10 will be called “National Sport-Specific Training Base”.

The new status will remain valid till December 31, 2020, following which the venues will have to reapply for the continuation of the status subject to certain guidelines, according to the media release.

The six venues to have been named the National Multi-Sport Training Base are:

  1. Tangshang Jiujiang Sports Center, Hebei Province
  2. Wuchuan Sports Training Center, Inner Mongolia
  3. Snow Sports Federation of Jilin Sports Bureau, Jilin Province
  4. Hainan Provincial Sports Academy, Hainan Province
  5. Sports Industry and Facility Federaion, Tibet
  6. Lintao Sports Training Base, Gansu Province

The 10 venues to have been named the National Multi-Sport Training Base are:

  1. Qitaihe Sports Center, Heilongjiang Province (Short-track speed skating)
  2. Guangdong Provincial Marine Sports Training Center (Sailing)
  3. Haihe Water Sports Center, Tianjin (Rowing)
  4. Haihe Water Sports Center, Tianjin (Canoeing)
  5. Judo and Wrestling Federatuib of Xinjiang Sports Bureau, Xingjiang Uyghur Autonomus Region (Wrestling)
  6. Chenggong Sports Training Base, Yunnan Province (Athletics)
  7. Kunshan Sports Bureau, Jiangsu Province (Water Polo)
  8. Anhui Provincial Sports Academy (Gymnastics)
  9. Nanjing Sports Institute (Tennis)
  10. Luneng Taishan Football School, Shandong Province (Football)

More details on these venues will be available at the next Coliseum Summit ASIA-PACIFIC, October 25-26, 2017 in Beijing, China.

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